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List of American-Made Toys

While we have had country-of-origin labeling on our website for over a week now, we have now also created a list of all our toys that are labeled “Made in U.S.A.” or “Made in U.S.A. of US and imported parts”. You may view the statement that explains our labeling methods on our website.

If an item does not show up on the “Made in U.S.A.” list, please refer to the product details page on our website for further information on the origin of its components.

  1. I am looking to buy the fantasy vanity and wish to find out which parts are made in China. I know the accessory set is made in China but what else is? Can someone order the vanity without the China parts?

  2. Anonymous,

    It’s not possible to “custom” order our products, but you may choose to selectively remove parts. In the case of the Vanity, “accessories” includes the accessory set and probably the light as well.


  3. Thank you for this list. It is much needed and appreciated. I only hope that in the future all of your products will be made in the usa. I hope consumers in this country through buying behaviors make the push for american corporations to make toys in the usa. This is list is a start. Thank you!

  4. I wanted to buy my son the Tower of Doom but I could’nt find where it was made. First I want to know is it made in China and if it is and I order it anyway and I do a lead test myself on it and its postive can I get a refund. Since the product should be considered defective can I get shipping included also.

  5. I am grateful for the actions you are taking to provide safe toys for our children. However I disagree with having china inspect the toys during and after production I think the best way to make sure these toys are safe is to have them inspected once they reach the U.S. I dont trust China.

  6. Thank you Thank you! This Christmas is definitely going to be a Made in the U.S.A. Christmas, and I appreciate your company making it easy to buy great gifts that are made here. It gives me a sense of peace to know that the toys my little boy will play with on Christmas morning are not going to cause him harm…so thank you.

  7. Anonymous–

    The Tower of Doom is made in China, as it should say in the product description.

    As far as returns are concerned, we do not hold our customers responsible for shipping if a product is genuinely defective and needs to be returned.

    Regarding the other comments concerning testing, the testing is done by third-party companies. These companies’ very business is based on providing reliable testing results, and therefore they do a very complete and reliable job when testing toys.


  8. I glad to see that your website has been updated to show which of your products are made in the USA. I hope in the future to see more of your smaller items and accessories also made in the USA. Maybe you could offer the option of ordering an item without China made accessories or parts.

  9. I was glad to see your kitchen sets are made in America…but then disappointed to see your play food is made in China! I think the food is the most important part as some kids will put them in their mouths. Please push for the food to be made in the USA. Our children need safe toys to play with. Thank you for having some American made product anyway.

  10. We love Step 2 toys. Our 2 year old daughter has the little helpers kitchen and dish set, the Step 2 art desk with the red chair, and the step 2 hunter green desk and we are very happy with all of these products especially our daughter. I can’t believe it’s so hard to find play food that’s made in the USA and not China. She loves her kitchen, but we don’t have any playfood right now because it’s not made in the USA. Children put that in their mouths and when companies realize the concerns parents have about that and start making the playfood in the USA parents will buy it. I will continue to buy whatever is made in the USA and will keep looking for Step 2 to make american made play food.

  11. I agree with anonymous – I just purchsed a play kitchen for my kids, and we also have no food because I can’t find any that isn’t made in China. I’m still looking though!

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