Alternatives to the Discontinued Kangaroo Climber

UPDATE: Thanks to all of this feedback, we have brought the Kangaroo Climber back in updated colors! To view the new Kangaroo Climber, click here.

We often get questions from customers asking us where the Kangaroo Climber can be purchased. Although the Kangaroo Climber was discontinued in December 2009 and no longer available for purchase, we still offer the Koala Climber.

The Koala Climber has a similar structure with exterior step-up walls for climbing. The main difference between the two climbers is the Koala Climber does not have a Dutch door.

Discontinued Kangaroo Climber
Koala Climber

The new Panda Climber is another all-in-one activity gym for toddlers. It also features a crawl-through tunnel and fun slide.

Panda Climber

How do you think the Koala Climber and new Panda Climber compare to the Kangaroo Climber?

  1. I don’t like the newer ones as much. they arent as sturdy looking. We put a sheet over and make a whole house out of her Kangaroo climber but it dosent look from the pictures you could do that with the other 2.

  2. Not as nice and sturdy as the Kangaroo Climber. Cheap looking! Dissappointd with Step 2 for lowering their standards of quality. I hope they don’t do the same with other pieces. I will look elsewhere if they do.

  3. The Kangaroo Climber is superior to both the Panda Climber and Koala Climber in that it is enclosed. Kids love to be in secret, playing, hiding, using flashlights… these climbers offer none of that fun. All 4 of my kids love their Kangaroo Climber, and at 4 and 3 years old, they still go to it first. On the Kangaroo Climber, the climbing possibilites were better, and the kids could get higher. Sure, my kids have fallen, smashed their noggin on the door on the way to the floor, but they’re kids. They heal, they were fine, and it’s helped them develop many skills that neither of these would.

  4. I agree with the other parents who have written here. I bought a Kangaroo Climber almost 12 years ago for my oldest child. All of my 4 kids have played in, on & over this until I decided they were just TOO big. One of their favorite activities was to hide under the slide and scare each other. The new peices don’t offer that. The Kangaroo Climber was MADE TO LAST. Thanks for a great product!

  5. Yes, we have the Kangaroo Climber and it is so sturdy and awesome. It has been jumped on so many times and it is still just like new. The other two don’t even compare. The kids love the door and yes, hiding in there. Bring back the kangaroo!!!

  6. My Kangaroo climber is at least eight years old, been though three rough kids, and is the best toy I bought them. Now it is going to a new home. To bad it has been replaced by models with less quality and less play value.

  7. Wow, I had no idea the Kangaroo Climber has been discontinued. I am so glad that I picked it up when I did and my son LOVED it. The alternatives look so small that I don’t think 2 kids couple play on it at the same time and I agree, it doesn’t appear to be as sturdy. Without having a fourth side, I would think the kids could push the walls farther apart and the whole thing would come crashing down. I know my son used to pick up the slide and pop it out of the slot on the green deck section, wouldn’t similar actions pretty much make the Koala climber fall apart?

  8. I would love to purchase the kangaroo climber. (anyone have one for sale 🙂 The alternatives look cheap and the door on the back added so much to the model. We have one of the larger swingsets with a door on the side and my daughter loves running in and out of the attached playhouse that has the door. If Step2 wanted to reduce costs by taking away a side of the climber – they should have kept the old climber too and just raised the price. Now you’re loosing a lot of business because your new product isn’t what your customers want.

  9. I wish the Kangaroo climber was not discontinued. It seems so much better constructed than the Panda or Koala climber. It also seems a lot more mentally and physically stimulating to young children than the others. Too bad…I was ready to buy it!

  10. We just lost my son’s Kangaroo Climber in Typhoon Songda that hit Okinawa on 28May. We had taken it apart and stacked it in my daughters’ play house (also a Step2 product). Even though the play house was strapped down to cinder blocks, it blew away into our neighbor’s yard. The house is intact and already back upright in our yard. The pieces to the Kangaroo Climber were strewn all over the yards, with one piece found a couple blocks away. I am only missing ONE other side…unfortunately that side is an important one! I was hoping to see if I could order that one part and was dismayed to see it discontinued. My son and his friend (both are 1yr old) love climbing and sliding on the toy. Even my older girls (5 and 7) like climbing on top of the walls and jumping off to the ground. I will not be buying an alternative to the Kangaroo climber. I’ll just have to buy something else entirely unless Step2 decides to make these fellow customers happy and bring it back. It’s sad to see them discontinue a toy that is so well-loved.

    1. Erin, sorry to hear that you were impacted by the Typhoon Songda that hit Okinawa. Unfortunately, because the Kangaroo Climber is a discontinued item, we no longer have replacement parts available. We will certainly pass your feedback along to our research and development team.

  11. It’s a coincidence that I stumbled upon this webpage. I HAVE a Kangaroo Climber, which still looks new and has only been used indoors in a non-smoking home. Our neighborhood is getting ready to have it’s annual garage sale, so I was considering selling it, but didn’t know how much they cost originally. (I had no idea they were discontinued!) My daughter is getting too big for it, so I’d like to upgrade to something bigger, like their swing sets. Too bad this site doesn’t have a personal section to exchange info, for discontinued items like this one! It’d be great to know the next person would really enjoy and appreciate this Kangaroo Climber!

  12. It’s a coincidence that I too stumbled upon this webpage. I HAVE a Kangaroo Climber and I was getting ready to put it on Craigslist For Sale. If it doesn’t sell, I am putting it for sale at my garage sale on Saturday. I agree with Jadrz 6/17/11 this site doesn’t have a personal section to exchange info. […]

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are proud to offer generational toys that can be passed from children to children. While we do not have an area on to exchange info, feel free to converse with our Facebook fans on the Step2 Facebook page about your Kangaroo Climber.

  13. I am so disappointed that Step2 has taken this great climer away. I debated what to buy my son for Christmas the year that he turned 1 & I ended up going with the Kangaroo climber & I’m so glad that I did! My son Loved it & he still does at almost 4 yrs old (though we have bought him a bigger Step2 climber, he still uses the Kangaroo one too & now we have another son that will soon get to start enjoying the wonderful Kangaroo climber!) The Kangaroo climber was such a better choice over the Koala climer because they are essentially the same other than the back wall & door. Little kid’s love the door feature because they can “hide” in their own little house & they love to mimic things that adults have. I like the support bar of the Panda climber because my son fell off of the platform of the Kangaroo climber backwards & hit his head within minutes of having it, but he did not get hurt & he quickly learned from his mistake. I don’t like how you have to climb up the side of the Panda climber, because little kids usually don’t master step climbing right off of the bat, they do better with steps. I placed a plastic bathroom stepstool in our Kangaroo climber until my son mastered how to climb onto the platform. All in all I think that the Kangaroo climber was a wonderful toy & a great value. Almost all of my friends with small children own them & we were so pleased with ours that we bought one for grandmas house too (I think their have been 5 kids at once on hers!) I will definately be holding onto mine as long as I have little ones (be it mine or neices & nephews) because the new ones just don’t compare & I’ll be reccommending the same to my other Mommy friends…Step2 you better think hard about bringing this classic back!

  14. Oh,I forgot to add that I do like the raised end on the slide of the Panda climber. That is one of my favorite features of Step2 climbers.

  15. I bought the Kangaroo climber for our son when he was 18 months old. We had a very large downstairs playroom and he had a fit when i started unboxing it! He could not wait for me to put it together. It stayed in our playroom for 3 years, and my youngest son, now 4, got to enjoy it as well. We sold the house and put it in storage for awhile because we did not have the room. I thought we were missing one (important) piece. When we finally moved to our permanent residence, and i found the piece! the boys were now 6 and 4. But the piece that i found had been stored outside and the rest inside and im not sure if that made a difference, but for some odd reason I cannot keep the thing together anymore. They are sooo disappointed! they are bigger, but always used is as a hiding place and put blankets over it and i would get so angry because they would fill it with every toy in the playroom (oh the things we get mad about that makes us laugh now:)) I would love to keep it a little while longer, but i have tried and tried to get it together and it seems to just unravel :(( If someone needs to use the pieces to “piece” theirs back together – i will be happy to somehow get them to you, I am in League city, tx.

  16. The new ones don’t compare to the Kangaroo Climber. Like comparing a Pinto to a Porsche. Yes they both have four wheels , but you see the differences are deal breakers.

  17. It seems like both step 2 and the competition have seriously downgraded their selection in both variety, quality and size. I have the Kangaroo Climber and was looking to replace it with something bigger but in looking through the selection it’s very lacking. Having seen the Kola climber I can say to try to offer them as a comparable product is a joke. The Kola climber is inferior in every way. However the Panda climber looks a bit better though with the way Step 2 and others Photo Shop edit the product pictures you really can’t tell. I wonder if anyone ever told you guys how annoying it is that you guys PS your pics ? It’s border line deceptive in some cases.
    on the bright side though ,,,, discontinued means good news for me because it holds higher resale value! Thanks step 2

  18. I needed a small footprint climber and discovered the kangaroo climber. Even though the orange slide is now faded yellow, I bought this discontinued model in August of 2011. My grandson loves the door feature. I like it because it disassembles easily to bring inside for him to ply when he comes over and the weather is too hot for him to be outside. He plays on this for hours. I have looked at other models and can’t find another of this quality with a Dutch door. This is his castle when he comes and I am glad he loves playing on it. I keep looking to see if you have started production on this again as I would like to buy a new one.

  19. Thanks for all of your feedback. Because of your help and request, we have brought back the kangaroo Climber. Is it now available in a new color palette at Toys”R”Us:

  20. This isn’t about this exact product but I have some really old Step 2 products at my parents house. They needed toys for the kids to play with when they went up there!
    Gladys P

  21. We have a step 2 kangaroo climber that does not stay together well. my grandson is only 24 lbs and after playing on it I notice the sides on the front where the slide is, is coming apart? I am constantly banging it in place and yet it will not stay. The purple landing behind the slide does not fit properly either. Very disappointed.

    1. Hi Pat. Please call toll free 1-800-347-8372 Monday – Friday, from 8-5 ET and we will be happy to assist you with this issue.

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