The Pedal Farm Tractor is Back!

Back by popular demand, the Pedal Farm Tractor, our classic three-wheeled pedal tractor, is back! This item was previously discontinued in 2009, but since then, we’ve received numerous requests to bring this item back.

We couldn’t disappoint these customers:

“Our neighbors have [a Pedal Farm Tractor] and it is by far the favorite neighborhood toy. I have looked into getting one but it looks as if it has been discontinued. Nobody is selling theirs, I tell you they are hanging onto them because it is such a great toy…My kids love to be active and play outside and I would rather not have them on a motorized vehicle, for safety and health concerns. In short I would love to see it return!” – Jenny S.

“My son was in our local hospital in pediatrics and they had one for him to play with. So I have looked all over online to find one for him since he is home now, but still not in the best condition and we would like to lift his spirits some and buy this item for him. Please let me know what I can do, its [sic] something he would really like to have.” – Stacey A.

“I run a pre school and they are the most favorite toy for riding inside. I cannot find any at stores that they used to be at. Did you discontinue this item? If not please inform me how to get some new ones for my preschoolers who dearly love them.” – Karen F.

Are you happy we brought this item back?

  1. I am wondering where I can find a replacement part for my Step 2 toy tractor that was discontinued in 2009. I am looking for the lock for the hitch when the wagon is attached. I tried the company but they do not have the part any longer. I appreciate any help

    1. Taylor, unfortunately since the original Pedal Farm Tractor was discontinued years ago and replaced with an updated version, we do not have replacement parts for the version you own. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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