Which Toy Award Should You Trust?

Toy awards for kids toys need to be carefully considered in order to ascertain whether they are a legitimate source of useful information regarding whether a particular kids toy is entertaining and safe. However there are many toy awards programs (accessible online and elsewhere) that can set a parent’s mind to rest.

The Parents’ Choice awards have been a trusted kids toys awards program since 1978. Awarding bronze silver and gold medals to kids toys, this is the oldest non-profit toy evaluation organization in the USA. Parents’ Choice awards keeps their evaluation process a secret to avoid companies trying to take advantage, but the organization only awards 20 per cent of reviewed products toy awards.

Parents looking to deliver fun and cognitive advancement in their kids toys should check out Fat Brain Toy Awards. This company places an emphasis on avoiding cheap, violent and licensed toys that do little or nothing to help your child’s intellectual advancement. They also are proud that they offer a huge selection of American made toys.

Other trusted toy awards organizations include-Dr. Toys Awards program, Designer Toy Awards, Good Housekeeping Toy Awards, Tillywig Toy Awards, Parents Magazine Toy Awards and Oppenheimer Toy Awards. Each of these kids toys award organizations offer quality, unbiased advice and descriptions of each of the kids toys that have received an award.

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