New BuzzBoard Social Loyalty Program

We’ve partnered with PowerReviews to launch the newest addition to, BuzzBoard. BuzzBoard rewards our customers with points for writing reviews, following fellow reviewers, and subscribing to have reviews sent to her Facebook news feeds. Customers can see a list of the shoppers with the most points on Customers can use the points to earn badges and bragging rights among fellow users.

Every time you contribute to, you’ll earn points. You’ll also help improve the shopping experience for thousands of other customers like yourself. As your points add up, you will earn higher levels of badges, identifying you as a key influencer on our site. Earn over 500 points and you will be the Step2 “Queen Bee!”

You can start earning social loyalty points today. Just visit any product page on and click “Write a Review” to get started. For more information, visit

    1. Jillian, please visit any product page on and click “Write a Review” to join the social loyalty program. Once your review is posted, you will automatically be listed on the BuzzBoard.

  1. I love this, this is such a great way to reward people for taking advantage of your great products.

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