Spooky Treats for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is a lot of fun and an opportunity for you and your children to get creative. However, there are other ways to express creativity through making spooky treats during this ghoulish time of year.

Here are some spooktacular treats from Parents.com to create with your little ones:

Apple Monsters:

What a sweet surprise! This snack includes a fruit which will make mom happy and then the delicious candy that will make kids ecstatic. Let you imagination run wild when creating these delectable monsters.

Halloween Veggies:

Now that we have had our fix of sweets, let’s eat some veggies! Make your vegetables look appealing by carving out a pumpkin and putting some type of dipping sauce to go with your veggies. Adults and children alike will not be able to resist this!

Ghostly Hot Chocolate

Finally, the easiest treat of them all is making hot cocoa! Make a ghost out of whip cream and use chocolate chips or Junior Mints to create a face.

What Halloween treats are you creating for this spookiest holiday of the year?

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