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On each play kitchen‘s page, you may have noticed we have listed the height, width, and length dimensions to better assist you during your decision on which play kitchen to purchase. However, we have received questions surrounding the height of the counters on our play kitchens. Therefore, we decided to create a scale to reference and compare the highest point, width, length, and height of the counters of each play kitchen to help you decide which kitchen is perfect for your child!

Grand Walk-in KitchenGrand Walk-in Kitchen and GrillGrand Walk-In Kitchen
Don’t believe our play kitchens are the best? Just ask Michele, here’s what she had to say about our Grand Walk-In Kitchen: “The best play kitchen I have ever seen”LifeStyle Deluxe KitchenHeart of the Home KitchenLifeStyle Dream KitchenLifeStyle Dream KitchenLifeStyle PartyTime Kitchen MaroonLifeStyle PartyTime Kitchen Blue and GreenFresh Market KitchenLifeStyle Custom KitchenLifeStyle Custom Kitchen BrightsLittle Baker's KitchenGarden Fresh KitchenBusy Bake Shop Kitchen50's DinerBest Chef's Kitchenfresh-accent-kitchen-16lifestyle-new-traditions-kitchen-17Cozy Kitchen

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    1. Hi Kelly!

      The taller of the two counter tops is 22″ and the shorter counter top is 19″. Let me know if you need any further details on this Step2 play kitchen!

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