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On each playhouse’s page, you may have noticed we have listed the outside play space dimensions to better assist you during your decision on which playhouse to purchase for your kiddos. However, we have received questions surrounding the INSIDE play space dimensions of our playhouses. You asked, so we listened and decided to create a scale to reference when deciding which playhouse will be a perfect fit for your child! These dimensions are based on the highest point INSIDE each playhouse. Here are our playhouse from largest to smallest:

welcome home playhouse sweetheart playhouse storybook cottagecountryside cottageneighborhood-fun-center-5gather & grill playhousestep2-great-outdoors-playhousefront porch playhouse

play up picnic cottageneat & tidy cottagemy clubhouseneat & tidy cottagewonderful ball fun house


11 thoughts on “Playhouse Dimensions

    1. Step2 Post author


      Box measurements can be found on each playhouse’s individual page. When you are on a particular playhouse’s page, please look below the pictures and you will see three tabs that say: Customer Reviews, Assembly, and Q&A. Please click the Assembly tab and then click Product Details. At the bottom of this page you will find the weight and box dimensions that you are looking for. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  1. sy wells

    perhaps in listing the measurements of these products, you might consider listing the OUTside measurements instead /also!

    I purchased this after reviewing the measurements listed, thinking, as most products do, that these were the ‘finished measurements’! It was important to me to know this so I would know if it would fit in my extended Chrysler Town & Country.
    Guess what? Surprise surprise! It does NOT! I had to take every freaking screw out, take it a part, transport it, then put it back together! Do you know what happens when you do THAT? Yeppers…..the screw holes have been compromised, so now it all fits loosely!

    I am rather furious over this! I knew that the measurements listed here would allow for a smooth transition throughout the front door of my house, AND the ride in my van.
    I truly feel cheated that I did have the true information as it should have been listed.

    But Hey! It was only 169.00!!! And it was my hard earned money, NOT yours. So I guess that makes this my problem. Hey Step 2! Step UP and give the correct info. Or better yet, list both the inside AND outside measurements.

    Very cute product, but now I really don’t feel it is as safe as if I had been able to put it together and leave it as such.

    1. Step2 Post author


      I do apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. The outside dimensions are listed on each product’s page underneath the title of the product. The information is listed along with the recommended age, product number, dimensions (which are the outside dimensions) and weight of the product. It does also say on this page that the outside dimensions are listed on the product’s page in the small paragraph above the playhouse graph. The inside dimensions are meant to help our customers decide which playhouse is the best fit for their child.

      Again, I am so sorry if we have caused any confusion.

  2. Tiffani

    Hi I was wondering if you have replacement parts. Somehow over the winter my sons clubhouse got a hole in the fabric roof and during this summer it has grown considerably. Let me know thanks!!

    1. Step2 Post author

      Hi Tiffani.

      We do have replacement parts available for our playhouses. You can purchase replacement parts through our Customer Service Department. Please call toll free at 1-800-347-8372 Monday – Friday, from 8-5 ET and we will be happy to assist you with this request.

      Kind Regards,

      Your Friends at Step2

    1. Step2 Post author

      Hi Caitlin! Thanks for noticing that, we’ve added in the Great Outdoors Playhouse dimensions for your convenience. The highest point is 50.5″, lowest point is 39.5, inside width is 41.5″ and inside depth is 27.5.”

  3. Alice Kraus

    I would like to know the inside dimensions – highest inside height, lowest inside height, inside depth and inside width – for the Neighborhood Fun Center. I clicked on the link to see the inside dimensions, but this one was not listed. I am looking for a playhouse that is tall enough and has a tall enough door for a 5 year old boy, with twin year old sibs. Thanks.

    1. Step2 Post author

      Alice, you’re correct that playhouse was not featured on this chart. Thank you for catching that. It’s now been added to the chart and the dimensions are as follows, highest point inside is 53″ , lowest point inside is 52″, inside width is 41″ and inside depth is 42″.

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