The Difference between Step2 Umbrellas

Picking the right umbrella for your Step2 products is very important whether you are shopping for a replacement umbrella or purchasing a sand & water table that does not include an umbrella.

The following products are compatible Step2 umbrellas:

We have two different adjustable umbrella sizes – 40″ in diameter and 60″ in diameter umbrellas. The 40″ umbrella adjusts between  34″ and 52″ when placed in a Step2 product. The 60” umbrella adjusts between 45″ and  69.5″ when placed in a Step2 product.  The umbrella colors may vary based on inventory levels. The above mentioned products can work with either size umbrella. However, knowing the shade coverage and proportions may help determine which umbrella will best fit on your Step2 product.







Products Pictured: Tropical Island Resort(left) and Naturally Playful® Sand & Water Activity Center(right)


Still need more information about the 40” and 60” umbrellas? Please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-347-8372 Monday through Friday between 8am – 5pm ET.


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10 thoughts on “The Difference between Step2 Umbrellas

  1. Corinne

    I purchased a Step2 Sit and Play Picnic Table (8468KL) from Kohls Department Store. Their ad pictured an umbrella…..before I take the strapping and packaging off, do you know if there is an umbrella included? No indication that there is on the packaging or
    product title. If no umbrella included, what umbrella would work with this product?

    1. Step2 Post author


      I am sorry for any confusion. I have sent an email to your email address to help further assist you.

  2. Terry

    just purchased a sit and play picnic table (model 8468) at Kohls and it did NOT come with the umbrella as shown in the picture! this model is not listed on your blog so I’m not sure which umbrella will fit.

    1. Step2 Post author


      I am sorry for any confusion. In order to better assist you, I will be sending you an email.

  3. Amanda South

    I purchased the table from Kohl’s and it did not include the umbrella. What umbrella is the best match? The Easter Bunny needs one when he leaves the table

  4. Eleanor Lallier

    I have purchased 2 sit & play picnic tables and also would like to have the umbrella as shown in the ad. Please let me know how one can be purchased.

    1. Step2 Post author


      I have sent you an email regarding the Sit & Play Picnic Table that you purchased from Kohls.


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