Buggy Dimensions & Measurements {Infographic}

With over a dozen Step2 buggies to choose from, it may be helpful to know the detailed measurements of each car’s body and handle. The infographic below displays our buggies, measured from left to right, smallest to largest, so you can select the buggy that will be the best fit for your child’s size and age. We have also specified which buggies have a fold under handle for easy transport.

kids buggies

Buggies pictured in the top first image from left to right: Smile & Ride Buggy (Pink), Smile & Ride Buggy (Red), Push Around Buggy 10th Anniversary Edition (Pink), Push Around Buggy 10th Anniversary Edition (Red), Push Around Buggy (Pink), Push Around Buggy (Red), Push Around Taxi, Push Around Sport Buggy, Whisper Ride Buggy (Blue), Whisper Ride Buggy (Pink), Whisper Ride II (Blue), Whisper Ride II (Pink), Easy Steer Sportster

For more information about each product, please visit Step2.com.

6 thoughts on “Buggy Dimensions & Measurements {Infographic}

  1. Maria Moya

    I want to know if I can buy the stickers for the push around Buggy pink?
    I bought it for my niece and now my daughter is going to use it but has the stickers broken.

    Thank you

    1. Step2 Post author

      Hi Maria,

      You can order replacement decals through our Customer Service Department. Please call us at 1-800-347-8372 Monday – Friday, from 8-5 ET and we will be happy to assist you with this request.

  2. niki

    what is the difference between the easy steer and the whisper ride? They seem very similar and I can’t decide which to get.

    1. Step2 Post author

      Hi Niki,

      The Easy Steer Sportster has an additional wheel in front of the car body that allows users to turn the Sportster in a 360 degree motion with ease. The Whisper Ride II does not come with this additional wheel.


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