Healthy Family Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the meal that many health experts consider to be the most important. However, one in ten children tends to skip breakfast, which may limit their ability to learn. When kids skip breakfast there is a chance they may feel tired and irritable. Their energy level and mood can drop as the morning progresses if they don’t eat even a small morning meal.

As parents, how do we encourage our children to eat breakfast in addition to serving food with the proper nutrients needed to start the day? First, lead by example and eat breakfast yourself. We found some excellent, healthy family breakfast ideas from Cooking Light, Little Inspiration, Simmworks Family, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, and Meet the Dubiens that we think you and your kids will love!

Fresh Toast Soldiers: Sweet and nutritious. French toast doesn’t need to be smothered in syrup to be delicious. A side of strawberries can satisfy their sweet tooth.


Bear in a blanket: Breakfast has never looks so snuggly and cute! This adorable breakfast idea consists of rice, eggs, and cheese. This combination of foods is filled with tons of protein to help your children grow.



Strawberry Muffins: A sweet treat for a family that is on the go. This breakfast idea is a great way to include fruits, dairy, and oats into your family’s daily regimen.


Omelette in a mug: Ever you ever heard of simply cracking eggs into a mug and putting them in the microwave to cook? This is an amazing twist on how to make scrambled eggs. To make these scrambled eggs more wholesome add cheese and your choice of meat to make a supreme omelette!



Hard-boiled chicks: A very creative way to present hard boiled eggs is by making them look like little chickens! Grab some carrots and plastic Easter eggs to create a fun animal character that your whole family will look forward to eating in the morning.


Breakfast will never be the same in your household with these fun and healthy food choices. Remember, breakfast is the meal that recharges your body and brain after your slumber. Making breakfast a family activity and mandatory meal will make the whole family healthier and happier in the long run. Enjoy!

Do you have any breakfast ideas that you’d like to add?


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