Wordless Wednesday: Dream in Style


“Drive” into dreamland with the new stylish Corvette® Pink Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights™*!

*This product has been discontinued.

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  1. i wish you didn’t discontinued this bed. my son love car and gonna buy him red one for him and i know my daughter she would want same thing as her brother. i wanted to buy both car theme bed but now i can’t seems to find anything for my daughter. its so sad

    1. Sumaiya,

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused. Although the pink Corvette® Bed is discontinued, you could always paint the bed a different color. Check out what one of our creative customers did to the red Corvette® Bed: http://blog.step2.com/2013/05/wordless-wednesday-corvette-bed-creations.cfm. The bed can be painted with Krylon Fusion paint found at most retail and hardware stores. I hope this information helps!

  2. I have a baby girl who loves her brothers bed. I am very interested in purchasing the corvette bed in a girl color. preferably in Pink. Will this item be available soon?

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