FriDIY: Rustic Cork Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree out of corks for a fun Christmas DIY. Great for holiday decor. Crafts and more for FriDIY on the Step2 Blog.

This past year, we turned a storage bin into a pretend doll bath tub, made our own fruit and veggie garden, and even created doll furniture for pretend play fun! Let’s close 2015 with a fun Christmas craft (for parents!).

Looking for a teacher gift or just something to display among your propped up Christmas cards? Our resident crafter (and mom) Tonia created this fun Rustic Cork Christmas Tree craft made with corks. Here’s how you can make one too!

FriDIY: Rustic Cork Christmas Tree

Rustic Cork Christmas Tree craft supplies

    1. Gather your materials

    • 11 wine corks (If you’re not a wine drinker, you can purchase these at your local craft store)
    • Small wooden star (this can be purchased at a craft store)
    • Small wooden thimble (this can be purchased at a craft store)
    • Paint
    • Shader paint brush
    • Ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Hot Glue Gun

Looking for a fun and simple [parent] Christmas craft? Make a Rustic Cork Christmas Tree! Great for a teacher gift or holiday decor.

2. Use your shader brush to paint one end of each cork in your favorite colors (there are no rules here!). Also paint your little star and thimble and let everything dry.

3. Use your glue gun to glue 3 of the corks together for the bottom row of the tree. Repeat this step gluing rows of 4, another row of 3, and a row of 2.

4. Glue your rows on top of the bottom row.

5. Carefully apply a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of your star and place it on the top of the tree. Repeat this process with the thimble.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon that will fit around the outside of your tree and glue it to the base of the tree on each side. Cut a small piece of ribbon and glue it around the thimble.

7. Gift it as a gift or keep it for yourself!

Make your own Rustic Christmas Tree craft out of corks!

Merry Christmas from Step2!

Manufacturer’s Note: This craft is intended to be completed by adults and is intended for display, not play.

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