4 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

creative halloween costume ideas for toddlers

Kids understandably love Halloween – free candy and fun outfits are most kids’ dream! But, for toddlers, the holiday can be a little scary. Although your little ones want candy, they may not love getting dressed up, especially if it involves a whole lot of “stuff” on their face like makeup or an uncomfortable mask. It may be hard to find a comfortable, inexpensive costume that your toddler will love and want to wear for the whole night of festivities.

The good news is that you just need a little imagination, some creativity, and a few crafting supplies to create a fun Halloween costume for your toddler. Here are some creative Halloween costume ideas for toddlers to help get them on board and excited about the spooky celebration!

1. Create a group family costume

Sometimes kids get more excited when they can create costumes with Mom, Dad, and siblings. Dressing up as a family means you can spend time together planning and creating costumes as a group. Consider being your child’s favorite comic book characters, the British Royal Family, or characters from your children’s favorite television shows. When a child sees you get into character and enjoy it, they will want to join you and participate in everything Halloween has to offer.

2. Dress kids in a simple costume

As any parent knows, your kid’s excitement for getting dressed up only lasts so long. Protect against inevitable whining by choosing a costume that can fit their everyday clothes underneath. Try making them a mummy by wrapping their onesie with first aid wrap bandages, or dress them in a tutu to transform into a ballerina. When your kids decide they’re done with the costume, unwrap the bandages or remove the tutu, and you’re ready to go. There is nothing worse than listening to crying and whining about an uncomfortable costume all the way home.

3. Let kids choose their costume

If toddlers are one thing, they are picky. Sure, it might be super cute if they go along with the family theme, but if they want to be a ninja, so be it! If your child is having trouble selecting a costume, suggest simple ideas from their favorite books or TV shows. Remember, Halloween is about kids and having fun, so let them be what they want, and everyone will be happy.

4. Get crafty and make your kid’s costume

If you want to save some money this Halloween, then make a costume for your kids. It is easy to recreate your child’s favorite character, toy, or food with things you have around the house. Homemade costumes are always more comfortable than the store bought ones. Your child could transform into the Tooth Fairy, a monster, or a train (with some help from the Step2 Choo Choo Wagon). Let your child be a part of the creation process so they can wear their costume with pride and take accomplishment in what they made themselves.

Halloween is one of the most exciting times for a young child, but, as parents with toddlers know, things don’t always go as planned. To ensure your little one stays happy on Halloween, make sure to involve them, bring some clothes for when they want to call it quits, and take the less expensive route by making a costume at home. Don’t forget to bring along a wagon so your kids can cruise around the neighborhood in style!

creative halloween costume for toddlers

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