We’re Grandmas Too: Times Change – And So Should We

by Maria Isabella There comes a time when mother and daughter—or mother and daughter-in-law—will form an exciting new relationship. And that time begins at the precise moment a new grandchild is born. Suddenly, the “mom” becomes the “grandma”…and the “daughter” becomes the “mom.” Do you see where I’m going with this? Truth of the matter […]

We’re Grandmas Too: Grandmas Are for Spoiling

Here at Step2, not only are we moms but we are also grandparents who love spending time with our grandchildren.  There are many stories we look forward to sharing with you with our installation of “We’re Grandmas Too” which is a series based off of “We’re Moms Too.” We look forward to sharing the love, […]

We’re Families Too: Holiday Edition

  This year, we’ve shared our stories as moms, dads, grandmas, and [adult] children . Just like you, we have families at home that provide us with love and laughs, especially during the holidays. This time of year is cheerful and a time to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. As this year […]