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Step2 Toys on the Web!

A few of our Step2 toys have recently been reviewed and approved on the internet, and we’d like to share what these people had to say. Check out the Toy Tips Report that gave our Sand & Water Cart an “A”, and also the Classy Mommy review that recommends our Fun Flow Play Sink.

Do you blog? Review the Step2 products you own on your blog and link them to our site! Then, let us know about it and you could be featured in a future “Step2 on the Web” update.

“The Gift of Imaginative Play”

What types of toys will you be buying this holiday season? Electronic toys? A play kitchen? Outdoor playhouses or climbers? Amid recent trends of toys being made with ever-increasing electronic stimulation and computerized activity, you might consider remembering the “good old days,” when children were in charge of directing their own play time.

At Step2, we’ve always been big fans of developing young and active imaginations with durable playhouses, toy kitchens, riding toys, and more. Designing Spaces, an educational TV program that plays across the United States, recently ran an episode that featured this beneficial style of play. Take a look—we’re sure you’ll be convinced that something wonderful happens when play time becomes about imaginations, family time, and social interaction!

Who uses your Step2 Toys?

Most people who buy a Step2 playhouse or outdoor toy imagine their toddlers and preschoolers from around the neighborhood enjoying play time in their new clubhouse. Some imagine their playhouse occupied by a pet dog or cat. At least one pictured a mountain lion living in her Clubhouse Climber!
Mountain lion in a Clubhouse Climber
Nancy from Nevada sent us this picture of her pet mountain lion enjoying a Step2 Clubhouse Climber. This big cat is 7 feet long and weighs about 175 pounds, but she loves to nap and play in her playhouse!