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Find out which toys have been discontinued. Even if a product no longer exists, we have alternatives to the discontinued toys to satisfy your kids.

Alternatives to Discontinued Camper and Swing for Two

Step2 toys have a reputation for lasting many years. Since our toys last for so long, many times customers will see toys that their friends, neighbors, and family members own that were available for purchase in the early 2000’s. But, unfortunately, these products that have caught their attention are no longer available for purchase.

Many customers have asked about the Camper Fun Playhouse and Caterpillar Swing for Two. Unfortunately, these two products are among the discontinued. Although these adorable products are no longer available for purchase, we have products that are similar in function and size.

camper fun playhouse
caterpillar swing for two

Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse: This giant playhouse is even bigger than the Camper Fun Playhouse, which means more children can play in the playhouse together. In the old camper, children would use pretend play to imagine that they were going on a camping trip. In the Welcome Home Playhouse children can pretend to not only to play house but they can imagine they own a drive thru restaurant and use the windows to take food orders and use one of the other windows to deliver food.

welcome home playhouse

Infant to Toddler Swing and Toddler Swing: The Caterpillar Swing for Two held two children; however, by attaching the Infant to Toddler Swings or Toddler Swings next to each other on a swing set, toddlers will still be able to swing next to one another while being able to enjoy a comfortable swing all to themselves.


Which products have you purchased as an alternative to the Camper Fun Playhouse and Caterpillar Swing for Two?


Alternatives to Discontinued Step2 Pond

Did you know that Step2 originally started off manufacturing mailboxes and home & garden before branching into children’s toys?. Even to this day, Step2 is known for durable mailboxes and home & garden products. While there are currently a variety of home & garden products available, some of products get discontinued from time to time.

During the spring, we often get questions from customers about where can they find a Step2 pond for their yard. At the end of 2010, we discontinued the Stone Hill™ Tranquility Pond. Although this product has been discontinued, we have other home & garden products that can make your yard look great (we even have garden tools that will help make gardening easier).

Outdoor Storage Bench: This bench with natural colors and textures will look great in any backyard and can also double as a great storage place for gardening tools or children’s toys. Spoiler alert: be on the lookout for more outdoor furniture during the summer of 2013!

outdoor storage bench

Garden Kneeler: This planting assistant makes it comfortable to kneel or sit while gardening! It is also easy to transport from place to place.

garden hopper

Garden Hopper: Roll your gardening tools around and take a seat on this durable gardening tool. It also features a beverage holder to keep you hydrated while you plant.

garden kneeler

MailMaster Hudson Mailbox with Planter: While flowers and other plants are in full bloom, you can place some shrubbery into the planter of this mailbox and have the most beautiful mailbox on your street! This mailbox is also available without a planter.

hudson mailbox with planter

Which Step2 home & garden products are you using this spring and summer in your yard?

Alternatives to Discontinued Bouncers

As of Spring 2010, bouncers were discontinued from Step2. Even though bouncers no longer exist, Step2 does carry a variety of inflatable toys that children will love to interact with for their creative and active play.


These inflatable toys include:

The Adventure Fort: This adorable wooden-looking cabin is perfect for ages 3 and up. It has an opening side wall and large interior space for play. It is easy to inflate for use and deflate to store.
Catch & Play Ball Pit: What could be more fun than an inflatable ball pit? The Catch & Play Ball Pit features a rotating ball deflector, large ball pit area, and sturdy side seats.
Playhouse: It is every little girl’s dream to have her own pretty playhouse. The playhouse has an opening side wall and large interior space for play. It inflates and deflates easily.
Hop & Pop Ball Cannon: Children will enjoy jumping onto the air trigger of the cannon and watching play-balls launch into the air.

In addition, coming soon is the Hop & Pop Whale! Children can jump on the air-powered play-ball launcher and watch play-balls come out of the whale’s blow hole. This toy is perfect if your child loves animals or jumping, either way it is guaranteed to ensure hours of fun!

Thank you for your understanding and consideration of our discontinuation of bouncers. Step2 hopes you enjoy the inflatable toys we have to offer!

Hoping For the Return of the Big Splash Center?

Since the Big Splash Center was discontinued years ago, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests to produce this product again.

Step2 Big Splash Center

We sincerely appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers and welcome any feedback about our products. Because of your feedback, we’ve brought back the Pedal Farm Tractor, the Choo Choo Wagon, and are now shipping directly to Canada. We’ve also passed the feedback about the alternatives to the discontinued Kangaroo Climber to our research and development team.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve already received about the Big Splash Center:

“I am curious to know why step 2 discontinued slide that goes w/big splash pool? They are a HOT item on ebay!” –Anonymous

“BRING BACK THE BIG SPLASH POOL/Slide. There is not one out there that is as durable.” – Lora

“I want a Step 2 Big Splash Center for the grandson and dogs to cool off in, but I can’t find one. I don’t want a cheap pool that won’t endure a southern summer! Be different and market a useful item that lasts! Please consider producing this item again…” -M. Ryan

“Please bring back the Step 2 Big Splash Pool! We had ours for 13 yrs, 5 kids, numerous neighbor and daycare kids before it got a crack in it only because our son jumped on it when it was turned upside down. I am heart broken to find out that this slide isn’t available anymore. Please bring it back!” -Amy

What do you think? Do you want the Big Splash Center to return? Is there another Step2 product that you wish we would bring back? While we can’t ensure that this or any item will return, we welcome your feedback!


Thank you all so much for your feedback and passion regarding the big splash pool. Over the last few months here at Step2, we have been trying to find a way to make this product so that it is affordable to customers, affordable to ship, and still has all of the features and quality you would expect from Step2. Unfortunately, we are unable to come up with that right combination, and therefore, we have decided not to move forward with bringing this product back.

Alternatives to the Discontinued Kangaroo Climber

UPDATE: Thanks to all of this feedback, we have brought the Kangaroo Climber back in updated colors! To view the new Kangaroo Climber, click here.

We often get questions from customers asking us where the Kangaroo Climber can be purchased. Although the Kangaroo Climber was discontinued in December 2009 and no longer available for purchase, we still offer the Koala Climber.

The Koala Climber has a similar structure with exterior step-up walls for climbing. The main difference between the two climbers is the Koala Climber does not have a Dutch door.

Discontinued Kangaroo Climber

Koala Climber

The new Panda Climber is another all-in-one activity gym for toddlers. It also features a crawl-through tunnel and fun slide.

Panda Climber

How do you think the Koala Climber and new Panda Climber compare to the Kangaroo Climber?