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Our indoor toys promote make believe and creative play. During rainy days or during cold weather, indoor toys will spark a child’s imagination.

Blanket Tricks: Turn Kid’s Toys into Forts

Blanket tips for imaginative play

Blankets provide your family with warmth, but they can also be used to spark imaginative play. The power of imagination is incredible. Do you remember placing a blanket over chairs or a table and creating a secret fort when you were a kid? Children can still use these items to create forts but they could also use many toys found in their playroom to create these magical hangouts. Here are some toys that we thought would make some pretty cool forts:

Climber Fort:

secret climber fort for kids

A large blanket can be placed over top of the climber and kids can pretend to be camping out in a tent in the desert or in a rocket ship ready for takeoff. Little ones can also place a blanket on top of the platform, stairs and slide to crawl underneath and pretend they are at the bottom of a ship or hanging out underground.

kid's climber fort kid's climber fort

Table Fort:kid's table fort

Place a blanket over the table and this fort can fit two small kids underneath. You can supply your children with a flashlight and they can tell each other stories during a sleepover! For extra room, place chairs on each side and kids can spread out to enjoy the comfort of their brand new fort.

bigger table fort

As always, Step2 recommends adult supervision during playtime. What toys have your children placed blankets over to create a fort?

Learn Through Play: Sharing & Caring

sharing & caring

Don’t you love when your little one gives you a hug or when they want to share a toy or food with you? Those sweet gestures can fill your heart with joy and make your day complete. Expressing emotions and understanding feelings are critical social skills for kids to develop.

It is important to encourage sharing and caring on daily basis; here are a few ways to help your child to develop these social skills:

  • Model generosity: Act as a role model for your children. Hold the door for others, even if they are far away. If someone drops something on the ground at the grocery store, pick it up for them. Performing good deeds can encourage children to care for others by performing similar acts of kindness.
  • Praise them: When children share something with another child or show some type of sweetness to you or another person, praise them for their good intention.
  • Story Time:  Young children enjoy stories and the lessons they teach. You can get creative and tell  your own story about sharing and caring or you can read books at bedtime that demonstrate these lessons such as  “A Chair for My Mother” by Vera Williams, “The Berenstain Bears and No Girls Allowed” by Stan and Jan Berenstain or “The Lion and the Mouse” by Aesop.

Sharing and caring are skills that can also be learned through play. A fun fact about Step2 is that we rarely created toys that are meant for solo play because we aim to enhance children’s social interactions and inspire their young minds.  Let’s check out some toys that can help children understand what caring and sharing are all about!

Pretend Play Toys: Kids can learn what care is by nurturing a baby doll with the Deluxe Nursery Center. Children can also begin to grasp the concept of sharing responsibilities (also known as teamwork). While one child is feeding the baby doll at the feeding station, another child can pretend to do the laundry or take care of another baby doll at the changing table. Kids can also use one of our tool workshops to build a bird house together or another creation out of the pretend wood. Kids can even give their creation as a gift to their brother, sister, mom or dad.

pretend play

Play Kitchens: All of our play kitchens feature tons of appliances and accessories to keep multiple children entertained for hours. Our play kitchens are great for children to learn to use together. Children can trade off playing with the accessories or they can team up to cook a pretend meal.  We have been told by some of our customers that their kids have even exhibited caring by serving up a pretend pot of coffee to mom and dad with their play kitchen!

play kitchen

Art Desks & Easels: Children can also get crafty as a way to show they care. When children draw you pictures to put on the fridge or in a frame it is a selfless act of love and also shows that they want to share their hard work with you! Encourage your child to not only draw pictures for you with their art desk or easel, but ask them to draw pictures for their siblings, teachers and neighbors as well. Maybe your kids can even work together to make a piece of artwork to give to their grandparents.

art desk and easel

What tips and toys do you use to teach your kids about sharing and caring?

Step2′s Most Pinned Toys

We love Pinterest here at Step2! We have a ton of fun discovering new crafts and recipes to pin to our boards that the whole family will enjoy. Besides discovering the most innovative pins for parents and kids, we also take time researching what our fans are pinning from To make shopping easier this holiday season, we have decided to feature our most pinned products on the blog. Without further ado, we present the most pinned toys from!




Thomas the Tank™ Up & Down Roller Coaster


Handy Helper’s Work Bench


All Around Canopy Wagon


All Around Easel for Two


Creative Projects Table


Click & Whirl Mower


LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen


Fresh Market Kitchen

1299Custom Kitchen II

1427Extreme Coaster 801200Clubhouse Climber 1763Deluxe Workshop

Studio Art Desk

puppet theater

Puppet Theater


Easy Turn Coupe

1283LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

deluxe art masterDeluxe Art Master

2058Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

2057Corvette® Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights trainDeluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

Step2 Featured in 2013 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids

tru da

Step2 is proud to be a part of Toys R Us’s 2013 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. The products featured in the Guide demonstrate versatility and prove to be toys that children of all abilities can play with.

Six Step2 toys were chosen to be in this year’s Guide. The My Clubhouse, Fixin’ Fun Outdoor Grill, Stack ‘n Stay Hamburger, Creative Cooks Kitchen, Easy Turn Coupe, and All Around Wagon. Below, check out the Step2 products found in the Guide and the different skills they help children to develop.

my clubhouse fixin fun outdoor grill easy turn coupe creative cooks and stack n stay all around wagon

To view this year’s full guide, click here.

Step2 Featured in 2012 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids

Toy Guide

Over two decades ago Toys “R” Us introduced their Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids as a resource for parents of children with special needs. In 2012, Step2’s LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen and My Clubhouse were chosen for the Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. The toys that were selected for the Guide have been evaluated by the National Lekotek Center, a non-profit organization that believes children of all abilities should be able to play with toys. In the guide, there are symbols located near each toy displayed, which represent the skills that the product helps to develop in children.

toy guide

The LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen was chosen because it encourages social interactions between siblings and friends as they share play kitchen accessories and appliances. Also, it helps children who are working on standing, by repositioning themselves between the two counter heights.

The My Clubhouse was chosen because children can develop their motor skills by navigating through the space of the playhouse. Children can also develop their thinking and creative skills by the natural play setting My Clubhouse provides.

Thank you to Toys “R” US and the National Lekotek Center for including the LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen and My Clubhouse in this year’s guide. It has been an honor to be in the guide for the last two years. Step2 strives to create toys that children of all abilities can play with and we will continue to do this because everyone plays!

Art Desk & Easel Dimensions

On each product page, you may have noticed we list the height, width, and length dimensions to better assist you as you shop. However, we have received questions surrounding the height of the chairs, leg room, and height of the boards on our art desks and easels. Therefore, we decided to create a scale to reference and compare the highest point, desk height, chair height, board height & width, leg room, width, and depth of each art desk and easel to help you decide which creative play product is perfect for your child!


art desks