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Our passion is making charitable contributions to help support kids and families. Helping kids is how we plan on providing for a brighter tomorrow.

A Big Thank You to Care Providers Everywhere


The Friday before Mother’s Day every year marks National Provider Appreciation Day.  This special day recognizes educators and child care providers for their commitment, dedication and compassion to our kids.

We want to thank all of the care providers for molding the young minds of the world and opening your heart to teach and interact with children. Your hard work and passion to impact kids doesn’t go unnoticed, we commend you for your effort and drive each and every day.


Here are a few ways to celebrate and give back to care providers and teachers on this day:

  • Ask your little ones to create a card for the staff of their daycare/school
  • You and your little ones can create a craft to bring as a present to their favorite teacher
  • Bring a gift basket full of school or daycare supplies for the classroom

In honor of National Provider Appreciation Day, one person will win two 50’s Diners  – one for themselves and one to give to a care provider of their choice – for this week’s #FanFriday giveaway!

50's Diner

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We hope every educator has a wonderful day celebrating what they mean to the children they teach and take care of!


A Legacy of Kindness


There is never a limit to the generosity and love you can give to others. Eight-year-old Alex McKelvey has completed over 600 acts of kindness to honor her grandmother, who passed away in September 2013.

Originally Alex’s goal was to complete 60 acts of kindness by March 22, 2014, which would have been her grandma’s 60th birthday. Once she reached her goal last year, she wanted to continue to give to others, so she challenged herself to reach 600 acts of kindness by the same date in 2015.

Alex enjoys helping and giving to people so much that she isn’t stopping there! She said during an interview with the News Tribune, “We’re going to do thousands, then a million. I’d like to reach so many people.”

alex mckelveyPicture from: Huffington Post

So what kinds of acts of kindness has Alex done? Alex and her mom cooked for the homeless, gave away clothes, surprised her teachers with presents and donated pet food to animal shelters. These are just a few examples of the tremendous deeds Alex and her family have done.

Alex’s 600th act of kindness was helping renovate the local YMCA in Lakewood, Washington. Her family helped repaint and collect donations to buy new games and art for the center.

This Thoughtful Thursday we congratulate Alex on reaching her extraordinary goal. She is proof that a little girl can make a big difference in her community!


A Hot Cocoa Stand With a Cause


Nothing warms the soul like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. Instead of starting a lemonade stand in the summer, eight-year-old Tristan Regini set-up a hot chocolate stand during the chilliest season of them all. Why you might ask? He did it to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora where his friend Cade was treated for cancer.


Picture from: ABC News

Back in 2013, Cade was diagnosed with cancer when a scan showed he had a brain tumor. He underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. As of April, Cade now shows no signs of cancer. Tristan was extremely grateful to the hospital for saving his best friend. “If there were no Children’s Hospital, there would be no Cade,” Tristan said. “He’s probably the nicest kid I ever met in my life.” Since starting the hot cocoa stand, Tristan has raised $3000 for the hospital. He hopes that the money he raised will save more lives.

This Thoughtful Thursday we thank Tristan for his generosity and providing his neighborhood with a yummy winter treat!