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Our passion is making charitable contributions to help support kids and families. Helping kids is how we plan on providing for a brighter tomorrow.

Little Racer with a Big Heart

Thoughtful Thursday: Little Racer with a Big Heart

It always amazes us how selfless young kids can be. 10-year-old Timmy Tyrrell, who goes by the nickname, Mini, is a little racer fighting for a cure against pediatric cancer. Three years ago, his friend Ella was diagnosed and he saw how her family was affected, so he began brainstorming ways to raise money for them.

Mini and EllaPhoto from:

Mini has planned an annual charity kickball tournament for the past three Septembers during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Besides his annual tournament, he has also raised money through lemonade stands, walks and his favorite hobby, car racing. So far, he has raised over $250,000!

When Mini was six, he was featured on NBC Nightly News about his charity work and caught the attention of NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon. Jeff began donating to Mini’s cause and gave him a chance to go to the NASCAR race to check out cars!

This Thoughtful Thursday, we thank Mini for his generosity to this important cause. If you would like to learn more about this little racer’s mission check out his website, Mini’s Mission.

Step2 Supports the Queen of Big Dreams

There are many words that describe Savanna Grace Stuntz-Grosso; a few that come to mind are dedicated, ambitious and generous. This incredible teen placed 3rd in the Ohio Junior Teen division at the National American Miss Pageant in Columbus, Ohio on July 21, 2014. Savanna is now qualified to participate in Nationals in Hollywood, California this Thanksgiving. In order to cover the expenses for this competition, she decided to fundraise.


Savanna is selling advertising space in the National Program Book for the pageant. Step2 is a proud supporter of this wonderful teen. We believe children can achieve their dreams and we want to help Savanna to reach hers.

The National American Miss Pageant means a lot to Savanna because it helped her develop the professional skills she will need as she conquers high school and enters college. Ever since Savanna was six years old, she has wanted to work with endangered cheetahs. She plans on volunteering at the Akron Zoo during her junior and senior year of high school and has many other plans to make her dreams a reality.

Good luck, Savanna! Your hard work will always help you to succeed.

If you would like to help Savanna, visit her GoFundMe page.


9 Reasons Why Grandparents Are the Best

Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day to all the incredible grandmas and grandpas around the world! We hope your day is filled with lots of hugs and kisses from your grandkids. We are grateful for your wisdom, kindness and generosity. In honor of this special day, here are nine reasons why grandparents are the best:

  1. Grandparents tell the best stories about their childhood
  2. Grandpa and grandma give the biggest (and best) hugs and kisses
  3. Grandmas let their grandchildren help them bake delicious cookies and cakes
  4. Grandpas share the comic section of the newspaper with their grandkids
  5. They love to spoil their grandchildren
  6. Sometimes, grandparents let grandkids stay up a little past their bedtime
  7. No matter how far away their grandkids live, they always remember their birthdays
  8. They love to brag about how wonderful their grandchildren are to all of their friends
  9. Best of all, grandparents love spending time with their grandkids

How is your family celebrating Grandparents Day?