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Find all the details about Step2’s newest toys for the spring and fall seasons. From indoor to outdoor toys, learn about the different features of each toy.

Red, White, and Choo!

Step2 has been proudly making toys in the USA at our factory in Ohio for the past 20 years. So what better way to celebrate than with a limited edition of one of our all-time customer favorites?

Choo Choo Wagon - USA Edition

Just in time for Independence Day, we have created a special edition Choo Choo Wagon in red, white, and blue. The Complete Choo Choo Train Combo – USA Edition is available for a limited time at and the Step2 Store just outside our headquarters in Streetsboro, OH. The wagon includes a red and white Choo Choo Wagon and blue Choo Choo Trailer (not sold separately).

Here’s what some of our moms and dads have said about their beloved Choo Choo Wagon:

“A must for parents of multiples. Our triplet girls love being carted around together, watching eachother in a line and giggling. Two wagons also work but then you need a second puller. Perfect for a single caregiver and the move.” – Dad of triplets, Deerfield, WI

“I had the original choo choo wagon and loved it. When I saw the newer model had seatbelts, I decided to purchase another wagon with a trailer for my youngest. I am so glad I did. We now use both wagons for family get togethers (5 kids under 3) and they absolutely love it. There is no fighting since they each have their own individual car and its much lighter to pull than my regular wagon. This is a great buy and worth every penny.” – Mom, Milwaukee, WI

“This is the only stroller / riding toy that my 2 year old son will sit in for more than 10 min at a time. All the kids love it!” – Dad, Olathe, KS

Just a reminder – To celebrate with our families this weekend, Step2 will be closed for the holiday on Monday, July 4. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 5 at 8AM.

The Pedal Farm Tractor is Back!

Back by popular demand, the Pedal Farm Tractor, our classic three-wheeled pedal tractor, is back! This item was previously discontinued in 2009, but since then, we’ve received numerous requests to bring this item back.

We couldn’t disappoint these customers:

“Our neighbors have [a Pedal Farm Tractor] and it is by far the favorite neighborhood toy. I have looked into getting one but it looks as if it has been discontinued. Nobody is selling theirs, I tell you they are hanging onto them because it is such a great toy…My kids love to be active and play outside and I would rather not have them on a motorized vehicle, for safety and health concerns. In short I would love to see it return!” – Jenny S.

“My son was in our local hospital in pediatrics and they had one for him to play with. So I have looked all over online to find one for him since he is home now, but still not in the best condition and we would like to lift his spirits some and buy this item for him. Please let me know what I can do, its [sic] something he would really like to have.” – Stacey A.

“I run a pre school and they are the most favorite toy for riding inside. I cannot find any at stores that they used to be at. Did you discontinue this item? If not please inform me how to get some new ones for my preschoolers who dearly love them.” – Karen F.

Are you happy we brought this item back?

Pin Pals Bowling Set is the Newest Spring Toy

The Pin Pals Bowling Set is the newest toy to join the Spring 2011 toy collection. Included in the set are 10 bowling pins and one bowling ball. The unique pin design features small dimples so that pins stack easily – both for play and storage.

Kids can stack them up for knock-down fun or set them up for traditional bowling. For ages 3 and up.

Pin Pals Bowling Set


New Spring 2011 Toys are here

Spring has sprung early this year at Step2! Part of the Spring 2011 collection is now available. From a toddler pool and patio café to the 10th anniversary edition of the Push Around Buggy, these new products will make your little ones want the warm weather to arrive much sooner than later!

Play & Shade Pool

Fun for all at this toddler pool party! Features two molded-in seats and molded-in designs at the bottom of pool that provide traction for little feet. Includes a 40″ (101.6 cm) umbrella that nests on the side of the pool providing shade and 3 funnel cups and a spinning water wheel that attach to the umbrella post.

Sand & Water Fun Farm

Have fun down on the farm! Features two compartments for both sand and water; plus the raised table helps keep feet dry. Includes farm figurines, tractor, two pull carts, shovel, barn, and funnel.

Play Up Picnic Cottage

This unique playhouse with fun picnic table, kitchen, and realistically styled décor features a molded-in picnic table with seats, half door, realistic electronic doorbell sounds, and pass-through mailbox. Kitchen area includes counter top, sink and faucet, molded-in cabinet, refrigerator, and oven details.

Push Around Buggy Anniversary Edition

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Push Around Buggy with this cute character edition. Features storage space under the hood and a seat belt for added security.

Naturally Playful® Little Dunes Sandbox

This fun, fully assembled sandbox with contemporary design and styling blends in with traditional landscapes in residential outdoor living areas. Features molded-in seats on either side that give kids a place to sit while playing. Includes a colorful lid that products sand from weather and pets.

Grill & Play Patio Café

This dual-sided outdoor kitchen combines a dining area and grill for a sizzlin’ good time! Features two attached stools, pretend charcoal grill, sink with swivel faucet, two stove top burners with clicking knobs, and a “Stainless steel” oven and refrigerator. Includes 40″ (101.6 cm) adjustable umbrella which provides protection from the sun.

What do you think of the new Spring toys?