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Splash Up Some Love for Saving Tiny Hearts

For almost six years, Step2 has partnered with the Saving Tiny Hearts Society (StHS) to raise money  to fund research  around congenital heart defects (CHD). CHD is the number one birth defect in the United States and the world, and is also the most fatal childhood disease. A child is born with CHD every 15 minutes and 100,000 of them will not survive to celebrate their first birthday.  Thousands more will not make it to adulthood.  Research can change those numbers and that is why we are committed to this cause and have been for such a long time.

Two and a half years ago, the Step2 family was also personally impacted  by CHD.  Tena the Director of Online Marketing has a son named Myles who was born with CHD. In the first seven months of Myles’ life, he underwent three heart surgeries and one heart catheterization. Myles will have one more surgery before he is ready to go off to kindergarten.

Since learning about Myles’ diagnoses during her 20 week ultrasound, StHS has offered Tena and her family hope, support, and information about the importance of CHD research. We appreciate StHS and consider them an extension of our family at Step2.  Saving tiny Hearts has raised $2 million in last nine years for CHD research.  They have no paid employees and $0.98 of every dollar raised is put into research efforts.

Each year, we try to find new and creative ways to raise money for StHS..  In 2014, we will be donating a portion of the sales from each Tropical Island Resort to StHS. Also, the packaging of the product features a very special guest that is near and dear to our hearts – Myles! You can check him out rocking his scar on the packaging of this product along with the StHS logo.  This product is available online or in-store at Walmart.

Saving Tiny Hearts

When you decide to purchase the Tropical Island Resort you will not only be buying a splash-tastic water table for your kiddos, but you’ll also be supporting a cause to save the lives of tiny heart superheroes all over the world.

Find out more information on how you can help support this worthy cause by visiting StHS’s website.

Step2′s Most Pinned Toys

We love Pinterest here at Step2! We have a ton of fun discovering new crafts and recipes to pin to our boards that the whole family will enjoy. Besides discovering the most innovative pins for parents and kids, we also take time researching what our fans are pinning from To make shopping easier this holiday season, we have decided to feature our most pinned products on the blog. Without further ado, we present the most pinned toys from!




Thomas the Tank™ Up & Down Roller Coaster


Handy Helper’s Work Bench


All Around Canopy Wagon


All Around Easel for Two


Creative Projects Table


Click & Whirl Mower


LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen


Fresh Market Kitchen

1299Custom Kitchen II

1427Extreme Coaster 801200Clubhouse Climber 1763Deluxe Workshop

Studio Art Desk

puppet theater

Puppet Theater


Easy Turn Coupe

1283LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

deluxe art masterDeluxe Art Master

2058Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

2057Corvette® Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights trainDeluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table