A Big Thank You to Care Providers Everywhere


The Friday before Mother’s Day every year marks National Provider Appreciation Day.  This special day recognizes educators and child care providers for their commitment, dedication and compassion to our kids.

We want to thank all of the care providers for molding the young minds of the world and opening your heart to teach and interact with children. Your hard work and passion to impact kids doesn’t go unnoticed, we commend you for your effort and drive each and every day.


Here are a few ways to celebrate and give back to care providers and teachers on this day:

  • Ask your little ones to create a card for the staff of their daycare/school
  • You and your little ones can create a craft to bring as a present to their favorite teacher
  • Bring a gift basket full of school or daycare supplies for the classroom

In honor of National Provider Appreciation Day, one person will win two 50’s Diners  – one for themselves and one to give to a care provider of their choice – for this week’s #FanFriday giveaway!

50's Diner

Enter before midnight ET tonight, May 8, 2015 here —> http://woobox.com/3w2gu2

We hope every educator has a wonderful day celebrating what they mean to the children they teach and take care of!


Dad Practice

Written by Jason as a part of the We’re Godfathers Too series

Inevitably, I’m going to be a Dad one day, so it’s helpful getting lots of practice now.  I’m the Art Director at Step2 and we have dozens of mini models scampering in and out of our studio every month for product photo shoots. Some kids are cranky, several little ones really love being in front of the camera, others are afraid of the flashing lights and a couple won’t leave mom or dad’s side. And there are a few that are daredevils! Whatever the case, we always have to be on alert to ensure their safety.

I’m getting married this October 2015.  My fiancée, Lynsey and I have a little 16-month-old nephew (and godson) named Dominic. While mom, dad, grandma and grandpa see him everyday and know his abilities and limitations, we’re never quite sure what new tricks he’s picked up from previous weeks. His new skill is climbing everything and giving me a panic attack when I’m around.  I seem to be the most worried when he’s scaling his climber like King Kong. I know kids need to fall a few times in order to learn, but being a parent means keeping your head on a swivel 24/7! During our toy photo shoots, we only have to be attentive for the 30-60 minutes while the kids are in the studio….apparently, I still have a lot to learn.


Step2 is headquartered in Northeast Ohio, and obviously it’s basketball playoff time. Dominic loves watching the Cleveland Cavaliers with us.  Even in the car or stroller he points out every basketball hoop in the neighborhood. “BALL!  BALL!  BOOM!”  His dad had to chase him down the other day as Dominic was waddling furiously to the hoop across the street.  Yikes!

But there’s no better dad practice than working with kids at your job and having a thrill seeking nephew/godson.  I’ll be a good dad one day, and by then I’ll be really good at swindling kids for smiles and laughs without having to give them sugary treats!


About Jason
jason-bio-picutreJason is the Art Director at Step2.  He’s a science & astronomy nerd and thinks digital currency is inevitable.  He has a slight Beatles-like obsession with the band FOALS and thinks Elon Musk is too smart to be fully human.