Steps of Life

    As your children grow, so do you! Here you’ll find, learning tips from other parents just like you to help you along the way!

  • Kitchen Adventures with Kids: FairyTale Food Recipes They’ll go Gaga for!


    One of the best ways to get your kids  to become more adventurous when it comes to food and make to healthier choices  and expand their palette is by letting them experience the process of cooking.

  • Sibling Fights


    How can sibling fights be dealt with effectively and fairly? To answer that question let’s look at sibling conflicts from three perspectives: the physical, the mental and the spiritual perspective.

  • Dying Easter Eggs With Whipped Cream

    dying easter eggs

    Have you ever tried dying Easter eggs using whipped cream? After seeing a few posts on Pinterest using shaving cream, I wondered if I could swap ‘em.

  • Super Salads For Spring

    Recipes salads

    Spring is in the air and we’re challenging you to add a little color to your life. How many of you can eat a salad a day for a week? These salad recipes will make it easy so grab your grocery list and get shopping for the foods that will give you energy t

  • Easter Basket Treats


    If you shop at Target a lot and find yourself buying just about everything in their dollar bins – this is the Easter Basket Treat for you! There’s really not much too it. It’s a simple way to wrap up an Easter treat or even make a last minute gift for a

  • 5 DIY Eco-Friendly Natural Cleaners for your Home

    Don't let spring pass you by before you get the chance to spring clean. You'll love it when you're all done!

  • 5 Things Parent's can do to Help their Anxious Child


    Here are 5 things parent’s can do (or not do) to help their anxious child.

  • 10 Truths About Motherhood


    11 years of being a mom has taught me many lessons. There have been many FAILS. There’s been a few wins. Out of all of the things that I’ve learned, 10 truths about motherhood ring true.

  • Healthy No Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats - Busy But Healthy


    Healthy No Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats. They are gluten-free, can be dairy-free & also nut-free! Identical to the original, and much better for you.

  • Easter Pom Pom Chick Tutorial


    Who’s ready for Spring? I sure am. I’m hoping that by decorating for it, Spring will get the hint and stay a while. And these little chicks are the perfect fun and quick project to get started.

  • Outdoor Activities for Infants


    It can be intimidating to take an infant outdoors for a little play time, but with a few simple activities and the right weather, you can get your little one exploring outside! I am always looking for ways (on the nicer days) to get outside with my kids.

  • 10 Different Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs


    Who knew there were so many different ways to dye and decorate eggs?! Way more than that 10 Different Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs that I have for you here, but these were some of my favorites.

  • Goldfish Carrots


    Goldfish Carrots Treat Sacks are the perfect treat for a play date – First off, they’re easy {which is totally my kind of crafting!}  They’re relatively inexpensive, and to top it off…they’re CUTE!

  • Chocolate Chip Slab Cookies - Busy But Healthy

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Delicious, easy and gluten-free chocolate chip slab cookies. They are also egg-free, and only 5 ingredients! The perfect crispy chocolate chip cookie.

  • 5 Tips for Getting Fit on the Playground


    Trips to the park are also a great time for you to squeeze in a little exercise. Here are 5 easy tips for fitting fitness into your park outing.

  • Resilient Kids: Teaching Kids To Be Flexible Thinkers


    Flexible thinking, (as opposed to the kind you need for gymnastic feats) is an important ingredient, when we talk about teaching kids to be resilient. Analyzing problems accurately and determining the cause of the problem can help kids feel competent in s

  • 25 Decorative Easter Eggs


    I don’t know about you, but in my world of eggs, it’s pretty much a kit from the grocery store and done. I’ve never been super creative when it comes to decorating eggs. Here are 25 awesomely unique and decorative Easter eggs to get your creative juices

  • The importance of happiness


    Right now both of my boys are nestled in their beds, sleeping. Levi is swaddled snug in a soft fleece blanket pursing his lips and making teeny-tiny snore noises. Wyatt is sprawled across my bed, wrapped in blankets, breathing small sweet breaths. I’m sit

  • Mom-To-Be Worries About Life Of Baby With Down Syndrome

    Special Needs mummy buzz

    The video, which coincides with World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, is—hands down—the most priceless and beautiful thing you will see today.

  • St. Patrick's Day Songs and Poems - Learning about a Limerick!


    A St. Patrick's Day surprise from That Fun Reading Teacher! Today's post is written to the tune 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling' and provides videos of St. Patrick's Day songs and poems for primary an...

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