Steps of Life

    As your children grow, so do you! Here you’ll find, learning tips from other parents just like you to help you along the way!

  • DIY Drinking Glass for Kids using Repurposed Glass Jars


    We have been using glass glasses, bowls, and plates for a few years now to limit our use of plastics in the home.  I try to get our dishes from thrift stores or clearance but things DO break with kids using them, so you really can never have enough!

  • 25 Yummy and Refreshing Summer Desserts


    25 Yummy and Refreshing Summer Desserts TweetSummer is here, and so is the heat. Try some of these refreshing summer desserts to take to family cookouts, make for a summer party, or just to cool off a bit!

  • Caught on Video: Teacher Gift Ideas | Toronto Teacher Mom


    Wondering what to get for your child's teacher as the year comes to an end? Check out this candid video chat with the lovely ladies at My Real Review.

  • 50 Popsicle Recipes


    Hey, friends! Hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday! Today I’m going to share a collection of 50 Popsicle Recipes – because, well.. who doesn’t love a good popsicle?!

  • The Very Best Mason Jar Salads


    You all know by now that I love things, all things, in mason jars. A couple of summers ago I discovered the awesomeness that is mason jar salads and since then they have been a go-to work lunch for me.

  • 13 Questions Kids Can Ask Their Dad This Father’s Day


    This gift allows family history to be passed along, and as a result the child learns where he comes from, what it was like to be young a thousand years ago, and what part of him or her is like his or her father or grandfather etc.

  • 50 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids


    50 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids Why hello summer! You snuck up and welcomed us with open arms and we are vowing this year to fully embrace it. Of all summers, this year I am most excited for what’s ahead.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Games: Sorting By Color


    When I think of summer, sidewalk chalk immediately comes to mind. While I’m not a huge fan of touching or using chalk, my son absolutely adores it! I’ve been working on introducing him to some new sidewalk chalk games so that we can do more than make the

  • Broken Brain | Chronicles of an Overtired Mommy


    Coffee-fueled tales from a sleep deprived mom of three great kids. I blog about our crazy and random lives, the good, the bad and the strange. Married to my best friend and soul mate.

  • Sibling Rivalry: Don’t Fix It, Just Repeat


    If you keep repeating, the situation may just fix itself...

  • DIY Bow and Headband Organizer


    Keep those bows and headbands organized with this DIY craft!

  • 50 Banana Recipes


    50 delicious banana recipes to try this summer!

  • DIY Pencil Holder


    Summer is right around the corner! And what does that mean? School is coming to an end for another year. Why not do something special for your child’s teacher this year and let your child create an awesome gift to give to them on the last day of school?

  • 12+ Popsicle Recipes for Summer


    The temperature is heating up around here, so I put together a collection of popsicle recipes.

  • Vanilla Frozen Yogurt {Sugar-Free, Fat-Free} - Busy But Healthy


    This Vanilla Frozen Yogurt recipe is sugar-free, fat-free, kid friendly and packed with protein as it contains greek yogurt.

  • The Best Strawberry Lemonade Recipe


    Warm weather has officially arrived in the mountains, and that has me craving cold, refreshing beverages. While I love a big glass of ice cold water to cool me down, I do like to switch it up with a special treat every now and then.

  • 6 Pieces of Advice on Finding Parenting Strategies that Work


    lthough parenting literature it is often based on sound psychological theory and principles, there are too many variables to consider when applying any given technique to a particular situation.

  • 25 Kool Aid Projects


    When I started this roundup I was set to do 10 ideas. I just kept finding wonderful inspirations, so I kept going. Here are 25 recipes and crafts that all use Kool-Aid. So many of these are wonderful for the Spring and Summer with kiddos around!

  • Coconut Bliss Balls - Busy But Healthy


    These Coconut Bliss Balls are These are gluten-free, nut-free, can be vegan, packed with protein and are only 6 ingredients. Great for on the go.

  • Budding Preschool Friendships

    making friends

    I admire my daughter’s approach to friendships. She generally assumes everyone around her is a friend, especially if they’re in one of her classes. She does her best to learn people’s names.

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