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Step2 on CNBC’s Squawk Box

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Jack Vresics, Step2’s CEO & President, was featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box early this morning discussing how Step2 has grown into the world’s largest rotational molder of plastics. During the interview, he shared one of the biggest trends that parents and children are looking for when it comes to purchasing a toy – active play.

Step2 has been a part of the childhood experience for 22 years. As Jack said, “kids love playing together and working together. They want to have fun and enjoy childhood.” Step2 will continue to provide children with fun toys they will play with for years to come.

Check out the full interview with CNBC below:

Activities for Playing in Pairs


When children play in pairs it can help develop their social skills. They learn to share, take turns, and solve problems together. Also, as children begin to play in pairs, it helps to prepare them when they partake in group play. There are numerous benefits for children playing in pairs. However, it is not just about children sharing toys or playing tag outside together, there are plenty of fun activities that children can do in order to develop other skills that involve active and pretend play. Parenting.com has great examples of fun activities for children to play in pairs:

  • Classic games: Play games like Simon Says, Hot Potato, or charades to get the laughs going and the creativity ignited.
  • Dress up: Pull out all old clothes, Halloween costumes, and accessories for the kids to try on. They can even act like a silly character based on what they are wearing. Have the children guess what one another is such as a hippie, if they have a lot of beads and big sunglasses on.
  • Cooking: Cooking can be a lot of fun, giving each child a duty to complete such as mixing or adding ingredients to the bowl. It can also be a messy activity. If you want the activity to be less messy, have the children interact in a play kitchen and ask them to work together to create a pretend meal.
  • Let’s act: Ask the children to put on a show and give them household items such as a ladle, towels, shower caps, hats, ect. Give them time to prepare and capture the memories with camera or camcorder once they are ready for show time.
  • Agree to Disagree: If the dynamic duo cannot agree on an activity or toy to share, have the children say activities they would like to do. Write the options down on little pieces of paper and draw an activity from a hat. Each child can grab one piece of paper from the hat and do the activities in order.

What tips do you have for having children play in pairs?

Sports Toys at Step2


sportastic toys


Playing sports from a young age will can children to increase their physical activity and also develop physical and social skills. Here at Step2, we encourage active play and offer a variety in toddler sports toys.  Many of our products incorporate different sports into one product. We will soon have a toy that is dedicated solely to basketball.  Towards the end of summer, we will be rolling out three new basketball items, including a new basketball hoop.  804800_BIn the meantime, check out these other great sports items from Step2.

Sports-Tastic Activity Center: For children 12 months and up, this activity center includes a variety of sports activities in one play structure. Your little one can drop the ball in the mini b715100_Kasketball hoop or hit the baseball with the bat. In addition, he or she can use the slide when they are not playing with the different sports accessories.

Kickback Soccer Goal & Pitch Back:  This sports toy encourages children to play together. Kids can play hockey or soccer with803200_C the included accessories or use the back of the goal for pitching practice.

Double Play Sports Baseball & Golf Set: Score a hole in one with the Double Play Sports Baseball & Golf set. This sports set allows little ones to play putt-putt or tee ball, which can help with hand-eye coordination and batting skills.

Do you think it is important for children to dabble in sports at an early age?