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Step2 Toys on Bet on Your Baby!

bet on your baby

Parents claim they know their babies well, but would they be willing to bet on it for a chance to win money toward their child’s college fund?  Bet on Your Baby, ABC’s newest game show first aired on April 13th. Each week on Bet on Your Baby, five families will compete to see if they can correctly guess their child’s next move.

During the game, one parent goes with their toddler to the Babydome, which is the child’s obstacle course of fun, while the other parent guesses their child’s moves. Families are not competing against each other; instead they are competing with themselves in a self contained challenge.

Step2 toys are featured in the Babydome that the toddlers play in during the show! So far Step2 has been featured in every episode. The products that have been spotted so far are: All Around Easel for Two, KidAlert, All Star Sports Climber, Up and Down Roller Coaster, and Soccer Ball Toy Chest.

Below, you can spot many of the mentioned Step2 toys in the first few seconds of episode two! Make sure to tune into Bet on Your Baby every Saturday on ABC from 8-9pm EST and check out past episodes at ABC.com.


Do you have any of the Step2 toys featured in the Babydome?

Award Winning Toys

Here at Step2, we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality toys that will receive recognition based on their durability, creative play value, and fun designs. Over the years, many of our great products have received numerous awards. When choosing a toy for your little one, it is important to find out which toys have won different awards.


Some of the awards that you will find when searching through the quality products are:

Have you purchased any of the award winning toys from this list?