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Fall-Tastic Crafts with Leaves

A beautiful feature of autumn is the leaves falling to the ground. Naturally, children can play around in the piles of leaves. However, there are many other ways to utilize the leaves during the autumn months.

Foliage Friends: Help your children pick out a bunch of leaves from the yard. They can glue the leaves onto a piece of paper and draw different shapes to resemble animals or other creative images that appear in their minds.

Leaf Bracelets: Gather up some string and create a leaf bracelet. You can poke holes in the leaves to string them together!

Leaf Crown: Your children will be the kings and queens of fall with the leaf crowns. Again, poke holes in the leaves and string them together. Or you can even glue the leaves together and attach string to just the ends to create the leaf crown.

Leaf Drawings: Collect leaves from the yard and cut them in half. Glue the halves of the leaves that have been collected onto a piece of paper. Suggest to your kids to draw the other half of the leaves next to the original leaf.

There are endless amounts of crafts you and your kids can create with leaves. What activities have you done that involve leaves?


Staying Active in the Fall

Finding ways to keep kids active during the fall can be a challenge. During the summer, children enjoy playing in the pool and being outdoors, soaking up the sun and fun daily. As school starts and the weather cools, as parents, we can easily forget about all that outdoor active play has to offer.  According to Health.com, there are simple ways to keep your children active during autumn.

  • Encourage them to play outside during the weekends or after school during the week
  • Remind them to use their playhouses and swing sets to increase their levels of activity
  • Find a kid friendly class in the community that requires physical activity
  • Go on a hike during the weekend – don’t forget to bring your wagon to collect leaves and rocks
  • Turn simple chores into active play – turn on the music and ask them to sweep up the kitchen floor with the beat


Teaching your children the importance of staying active will help to lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.  What tips do you have when it comes to keeping your children active during autumn?