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Winter Break: Back to School Transition

The first week of January is over and for most children, this means that winter break is over too. After almost two luxurious weeks off, it may be hard to transition back into “school mode.” However, just like resolutions, after winter break can be a great time to re-establish a better work ethic and more organized routine for children. TodaysTHV.com had many suggestions for helping children transition from their winter break.

One possibility when getting used to going back to school can be sitting down with your kids and creating a morning routine and an evening routine. Ask them what they think the most important thing is that they need to do in the morning and at night. Working on this routine together can help a child readjust better instead of being forced into a routine they may not agree with.

In addition to working on a routine together, try to make small steps toward this organized routine. The first few days of going back to school may not be easy. If both you and your child keep calm, the morning and nights may go a lot easier.

Another great advantage to a New Year beginning is explaining what resolutions are to children. Although they may not have a list of resolutions, it may be fun to create a list of goals that your children would like to complete during 2013. One goal could be finishing their homework before dinner or eating everything on their dinner plate for a week straight. Come up with fun yet challenging goals that the kids will enjoy.

Also, while the transition back to school is occurring, it may be nice to continuously tell your kids that you are always here to help and if they are struggling with anything, to please let you know right away. Problems that your children are having at home or at school can sometimes be handled faster if children feel comfortable knowing that you are open to hearing how they feel and that you will always lend a helping hand.

Good luck with the transition of back to school! What suggestions do you have for making the transition easier?

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Preschool Jitters

As we finish up the last days of summer and transition into back to school time. Are you ready? Most importantly is your child ready? They may have all their school supplies in order, and their bedtime routine may no longer be a hassle but are the mentally ready? Your child might have concerns about beginning preschool. Here are some important ways to prepare your child for school according to BabyCenter.com:

Get your child talking: Encourage your child to voice their concerns about going to preschool. Sometimes, children may not want to talk about the situation which has not yet occurred. However, you can try to play games with your child to show them what they will be during when they are in preschool.

You can also set an example by gently telling them about your own fears: “Sometimes I feel scared when I meet a new person, but I try to be brave and say ‘hi’ anyway.”

Don’t minimize their feelings. It’s natural to want to comfort your child by telling them not to worry, but it is easier said than done. This may intimidate them because if they do begin to worry, they may believe they are doing something wrong.

Instead, sympathize with your child. Talk about the first time you went to a new school and how it was. Be honest with them about how you felt. Ask your child what you can do to help ease their worries.

We also found some more tips from ModernMom.com:

Play up the Fun: Get them excited about starting school. Say thrilling statements like, “There will be a ton of toys to play with at preschool!” or “You will get to sing songs, learn new things, and play games all day. How cool!” By giving them a concrete idea of what they’ll be doing, you are easing their fears of the unknown.

“Mommy, Don’t Leave Me”: Uh-oh, the frightful words that may even make you cry. Most kids will cry the first couple morning that they start preschool. However, be brave; set an example for your child. Use encouraging words to coax them through the morning. It is important to reassure your child that you will see them at the end of the day.

What are your suggestions for relieving the preschool jitters?