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Behind the Scenes with Step2

Sometimes just seeing the bullet points of features and reviews about a product is not enough information to make a decision. At Step2, we listen to our customers and want to give you an insider’s look at the design and development of our products while answering your questions.

We have begun the process of creating behind the scenes vlogs (video blogs) that will be featured on the Step2 YouTube channel. There, you will get to meet the minds behind the products you’ve come to love.

Since we thrive on pleasing our customers, we want to make sure we answer the questions you really need answered. We invite you to be the script writer of our next vlog featuring one of our newest products, the Easy Turn Coupe.

What questions do you have about this fun new ride-on?  Submit your questions in the comment section of this blog post by April 26th and we’ll get your questions answered in our next vlog.


Step2 Joins Tumblr

Step2 is now on Tumblr! Follow us to learn about new products (before they’re even released!), company events, Step2 Store events, and parenting quotes. Plus, get a behind the scene glimpse at photo shoots, read snippets from Creative Play Plus and the Step2 Blog, and take a look at the unofficial Step2 mascot Orange Kitty.

Step2 on tumblr

If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, it is a blog platform that can be used in a variety of ways – for quotes, images, links, audio, video, and full blog posts. We are excited to join the likes of other companies that are on Tumblr such as Juicy Couture, Ruelala, and The Today Show.