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Building New Friendships at BloggyCon13

One of the best things about working with bloggers is finally getting the chance to meet the brilliant people behind the keyboard face-to-face. Over the years, Step2 has proudly attended Blissdom three times, hosted an afternoon play date at BlogHer, and exhibited at Blissdom Canada. This year, we were thrilled to discover that Bloggy Conference was just an hour away from our headquarters, so we just had to make the drive to Sandusky, Ohio to check things out!

Bloggy Conference 2013

Hosted by the one-and-only Cedar Point (if you’ve never been there and you’re a roller coaster thrill seeker, this is the place for you!), Bloggy Conference gathered bloggers from across the nation on America’s roller coast.


In addition to learning about industry trends and gathering information on how to improve the Test Drive Blogger Program, we had the pleasure of meeting some incredible bloggers, including the voices behind GourmetbyJanae, Melanie Makes, Couponing With Rachel, Marla Murasko, Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink, and more!

We look forward to continuing the Test Drive Blogger program in 2014. For information on how to apply to the Step2 blogger program, please visit the Step2 Facebook page in December.

Ornament Keepsakes of Favorite Toys Make Parting with Them Easier

At the Afternoon Playdate BlogHer ’11 event in August, we met Leanne, owner and editor of the blog Rave and Review. She shared with us how much her children enjoy Step2 toys, but as time passes, it’s hard to keep these products in her house once the kids have outgrown them. So to capture the memories of her children’s favorite toys, she makes ornaments for her Christmas tree.

“I started doing these a few years ago as a tribute to my kids’ favorite toys so when we eventually had to part with them we would still have a fun little keepsake to remember all the hours spent playing with them,” Leanne said.  “Now it’s become such a tradition that I get requests from other people asking me to make their kids favorite toys, too.”

Much to our surprise, she offered to make us an ornament of a Step2 kitchen. And look what arrived at our office the other day:


Inside Box - Rave and Review

(side note: How cute is this packaging?!)

Inside Packaging - Rave and Review

Inside we found a miniature version of the LifeStyle Classic Cuisine Kitchen. We think it’s pretty spot on! Leanne even captured the “woodwork” and fruit baskets.


“Since our first toy ornament we ever made was a Step2 kitchen, I thought it would be fitting to send you one to enjoy, too,” she said. Well, we are so thankful for this Christmas gift. We have already put it on our office tree.

Rave and Review ornament on tree