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New Fall Toys in Action {Videos}

We were lucky to have some amazing mommy bloggers review some of the new toys for fall. Felicia from the blog Go Graham Go reviewed the Choo Choo Wagon USA Edition, Ellen from Thrifty & Chic Mom reviewed the Grand Balcony Dollhouse, and Amber from Wahm Connect Review & Giveaways reviewed the Build & Store Block & Activity Table. Here’s what they had to say:

Choo Choo Wagon USA Edition
“We have been using this wagon every single day,” said Felicia. “Sometimes multiple times a day!” Read the full review here

Grand Balcony Doll House
“I like it even better than the wooden and cardboard one we had before,” said Ellen. “This dollhouse is much sturdier which is great since I am expecting girl number 4 and I want her to get to play with it too.” Read the full review here

Build & Store Block & Activity Table
“My son is into the whole Lego craze and my older daughter love[s] the Mega Blocks,” said Amber. “This Activity Table is perfect because you are able to use both kinds of blocks on it. My son sets [sic] on one side with his Lego’s building, and my older daughter sits on the other side building with your Mega Blocks.” Read the full review here

What is your favorite new toy for fall?

Red, White, and Choo!

Step2 has been proudly making toys in the USA at our factory in Ohio for the past 20 years. So what better way to celebrate than with a limited edition of one of our all-time customer favorites?

Choo Choo Wagon - USA Edition

Just in time for Independence Day, we have created a special edition Choo Choo Wagon in red, white, and blue. The Complete Choo Choo Train Combo – USA Edition is available for a limited time at Step2.com and the Step2 Store just outside our headquarters in Streetsboro, OH. The wagon includes a red and white Choo Choo Wagon and blue Choo Choo Trailer (not sold separately).

Here’s what some of our moms and dads have said about their beloved Choo Choo Wagon:

“A must for parents of multiples. Our triplet girls love being carted around together, watching eachother in a line and giggling. Two wagons also work but then you need a second puller. Perfect for a single caregiver and the move.” – Dad of triplets, Deerfield, WI

“I had the original choo choo wagon and loved it. When I saw the newer model had seatbelts, I decided to purchase another wagon with a trailer for my youngest. I am so glad I did. We now use both wagons for family get togethers (5 kids under 3) and they absolutely love it. There is no fighting since they each have their own individual car and its much lighter to pull than my regular wagon. This is a great buy and worth every penny.” – Mom, Milwaukee, WI

“This is the only stroller / riding toy that my 2 year old son will sit in for more than 10 min at a time. All the kids love it!” – Dad, Olathe, KS

Just a reminder – To celebrate with our families this weekend, Step2 will be closed for the holiday on Monday, July 4. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 5 at 8AM.

Hoping For the Return of the Big Splash Center?

Since the Big Splash Center was discontinued years ago, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests to produce this product again.

Step2 Big Splash Center

We sincerely appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers and welcome any feedback about our products. Because of your feedback, we’ve brought back the Pedal Farm Tractor and the Choo Choo Wagon. We’ve also passed the feedback about the alternatives to the discontinued Kangaroo Climber to our research and development team.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve already received about the Big Splash Center:

“I am curious to know why step 2 discontinued slide that goes w/big splash pool? They are a HOT item on ebay!” –Anonymous

“BRING BACK THE BIG SPLASH POOL/Slide. There is not one out there that is as durable.” – Lora

“I want a Step 2 Big Splash Center for the grandson and dogs to cool off in, but I can’t find one. I don’t want a cheap pool that won’t endure a southern summer! Be different and market a useful item that lasts! Please consider producing this item again…” -M. Ryan

“Please bring back the Step 2 Big Splash Pool! We had ours for 13 yrs, 5 kids, numerous neighbor and daycare kids before it got a crack in it only because our son jumped on it when it was turned upside down. I am heart broken to find out that this slide isn’t available anymore. Please bring it back!” Amy

What do you think? Do you want the Big Splash Center to return? Is there another Step2 product that you wish we would bring back? While we can’t ensure that this or any item will return, we welcome your feedback!


Thank you all so much for your feedback and passion regarding the big splash pool. Over the last few months here at Step2, we have been trying to find a way to make this product so that it is affordable to customers, affordable to ship, and still has all of the features and quality you would expect from Step2. Unfortunately, we are unable to come up with that right combination, and therefore, we have decided not to move forward with bringing this product back.