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Hippity Hop: Easter Fun


Step2 is jumping for joy that Easter is almost here! There are so many fun craft and recipe ideas to experiment with, with the kids. We found wonderful crafts through Pinterest that can be found on our Springtime pin board. Here are some of our favorite ideas for Easter this year:

Lightbulb Lambs: Oh my, these little lambs adorable! If you have any light bulbs that are burned out or some spare bulbs that you are willing to use, grab the paint, yarn, pom-poms, and bows to create these cute creatures. These can be the perfect decoration as a table setting during Easter dinner. *Disclaimer: The Lightbulb Lambs are not meant to be used as toys by children*


20 Ways to Decorate Eggs: A tradition in many families is to decorate eggs for Easter. We have heard of dying Easter eggs or painting them but Making the World Cuter showed us twenty ways to decorate eggs. Whoa, that is a lot of colorful eggs!

20ways to decorate

Easter Bunny Treats:  This recipe reminds us of making your own DIY Peeps! The recipe requires a lot of marshmallows but is very simple which means it will be a ton of fun for children of all ages! These festive treats will make a yummy desert.


Will you make any of these fun crafts for Easter? Have a Happy Easter!

Clover of Crafts

On St. Patrick’s Day, you and your little ones can spend time making crafts that relate to this green celebration even if you are not Irish! Step2 was inspired by cleverness of Spoonful, All Kids Network, That What Che Said, and Mess for Less when it came to creating crafts for this shamrock holiday.


Wee-Leprechaun: The Leprechaun is an iconic symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. Help your kids make little leprechauns and let their imaginations run wild as they create them with paint, pipe cleaners, toilet paper tubes, markers, and glue. Sounds like a lucky party! If you are looking for a craft project with fewer materials, try making a leprechaun from construction paper, paper plates, and markers!


Fruit Loops Pot-O-Gold: At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. At the end of this rainbow is Fruit Loops! Grab a box of fruit loops, paper, and glue. Make a rainbow full of fun with this colorful cereal.


Shamrock Pretzel Bites:  Besides leprechauns, shamrocks are also a common symbol of St. Patrick’s Day.  An easy and yummy way to create them is with small pretzels, Hershey Kisses, and green M&Ms.  This treat is festive and delicious for the whole family!

shamrock treat

Pot of Gold: To collect all the gold from a lucky day of crafts, it is important to create a pot of gold. The main materials for this project are cardboard buckets, green paint, glue, and paper grass.  You can even place your Shamrock Pretzel Bites or Wee-Leprechaun inside this pot and give it to a friend as a gift on St. Patrick’s Day. Being kind always brings good luck!


How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your children? May the luck of the Irish be with you all weekend :).

Sweets, Treats & Lovely Creations


Valentine’s Day is a day to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. Making festive crafts and foods can spread the love even further! We found tons of craft ideas from Love and Laundry, Family Your Way, Parenting.com, and Love From The Oven. Let’s check out some of the great ideas they had to offer:

Handprint Valentine Cards: Who said that finger painting could not turn into hand painting? Paint the palms of your little ones’ hands and have them press their hands against paper.  They can create hearts out of their hand prints. How cool! Find old scrapbook or construction paper to add more personality to the Valentine Cards

Easy Sparkly Heart Garland: Under adult supervision, have your kids trace and cut out hearts from construction paper.  Instead of using the heart shaped cut outs for this decoration, you will use the heart outlines. Grab some tape and drop sequins or other types of embellishments on the tape and then put it on the heart outline. String the decorative heart outlines with yarn or ribbon and hang them all around the house. With all the hearts around the house, the whole family will really feel the love!
Calzone Hearts: When we think of Valentine’s Day, we probably think of chocolate and heart shaped candies, but this year, think outside of the box! Create or buy bread dough then let the kids help you roll out the dough and use heart shape cookie cutters. Place mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and your choice of meats (or no meat) on the heart and place other heart of dough over the toppings. Press the two hearts together and bake all the calzone hearts. Yum!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: The kids will love helping you make chocolate covered pretzels. Get a bag of pretzels, chocolate, and heart shaped sprinkles. Melt the chocolate and then dip half or the entire pretzel in the chocolate and then pour the sprinkles over the chocolate while it is still gooey. Let them dry for awhile and then dig into this sweet and salty treat!

Valentine’s Day is a time of cherishing the ones you love and what better way to do that than making crafts and food together. What recipes or crafts will you be making for this love filled holiday? Happy Valentine’s Day!


Crafting Winter Creations

Winter time can be a beautiful time of year even if you do not live in a snowy area. Inspiring artistic creations that represent winter will teach children about this season and pass the time if you are waiting for the snow to melt!  AllKidsNetwork.com has some adorable ideas to spark creativity for winter crafts.

Snow Measuring Stick

Live in a place where it snows? Teach your kids to monitor the inches of snow by creating a snow measuring stick. This is a cool way to educate children on what inches are and get children curious about how much snow is falling each time it snows.

Whether you are watching the snowflakes accumulate on the ground or you wish to see snow fall, making a snow globe can fascinate your children and be a wonderful creation to make!

Snow Globe

Shaking snow globes that are bought during the holidays are fun and beautiful but what could be more exciting than making your own snow globe?! The ingredients to make this snow globe are easy to find in stores and all you need is a clear jar or bottle to contain the pretty decorations.

The next two crafts can be made whether you live in a hot or cold region and will be tons of fun for the kids to create and showcase around the house.

Styrofoam Penguin

Making masterpieces of animals that live in the arctic will be fun for the whole family. Also, it does not have to be just a penguin that the kids create; they can also create snowmen out of Styrofoam too. These pieces of artwork will be nice to display around the house to make it more festive even after the holidays are over.

Beyond constructing arctic animals, mythical creatures, snow globes, and snow measuring sticks, what does everyone need to keep their hands warm when it is cold? Mittens!


This craft is simple and you can probably find these items already lying around the house if your children like doing artsy activities. Mittens are easy to make and each child can personalize their mittens by the color of the construction paper and paint their own unique design. This is another great decoration that can be hung around the house during winter. Also, if you are from a warmer region, you can teach your children why wearing mittens and gloves are important when you are in cold weather. This is great opportunity for those that do live in regions of colder climates to talk about the dangers of not wearing gloves or mittens.

Which winter time crafts are you planning on making with your children?


Clever Crafts for the Festival of Lights

Hanukkah is only a few days away (starting December 8, 2012 at sundown). We found some creative and decorative crafts that can help children learn about the eight day celebration.

Clothespin Menorah

Let the kids “light” their own menorah. Luckily, this menorah does not have flames but it still just as beautiful and bright.

While your kids are creating this symbolic Hannukah item, define what the menorah is.  The menorah “represents the miracle of the oil in the eternal light. According to tradition, the oil burned for eight days rather than the one day expected.”

Marshmallow Menorah by Just Jenn Rants

Do you still have candy corn stashed away from Halloween?  Here is your chance to get rid of it! Stick candy corn to marshmallows to create nine lovely Hanukkah candles to represent a candy menorah.

Dreidel Straws by Creative Jewish Mom

Bring out the child in everyone with these felt attachments that easily slide on straws. Have the kids trace dreidel print outs and then cut them out for your kids!

Not only will you have a blast creating dreidel straws but teaching your children how to play dreidel will be just as fun!

Star of David Craft by PunkTorah

Save popsicle sticks from old popsicles or pick some up at a craft store so that you and your kids can create the Star of David. You can hang these on strings and place the decorations all throughout your house.
Star of David Craft

While you are creating the Star of David ornaments explain to the children why the Star of David is important. Also referred to as Magen David, the Star of David is supposed to represent the shape of King David’s shield.

What fun crafts will you create with your children for Hanukkah? Happy Hanukkah!


Fall-Tastic Crafts with Leaves

A beautiful feature of autumn is the leaves falling to the ground. Naturally, children can play around in the piles of leaves. However, there are many other ways to utilize the leaves during the autumn months.

Foliage Friends: Help your children pick out a bunch of leaves from the yard. They can glue the leaves onto a piece of paper and draw different shapes to resemble animals or other creative images that appear in their minds.

Leaf Bracelets: Gather up some string and create a leaf bracelet. You can poke holes in the leaves to string them together!

Leaf Crown: Your children will be the kings and queens of fall with the leaf crowns. Again, poke holes in the leaves and string them together. Or you can even glue the leaves together and attach string to just the ends to create the leaf crown.

Leaf Drawings: Collect leaves from the yard and cut them in half. Glue the halves of the leaves that have been collected onto a piece of paper. Suggest to your kids to draw the other half of the leaves next to the original leaf.

There are endless amounts of crafts you and your kids can create with leaves. What activities have you done that involve leaves?