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Memorial Day DIY Decorations

In the past, we have enjoyed providing our customers with fun DIY activities such as crafts and recipes for holidays. However, for this Memorial Day weekend, we decided to provide you with a festive way to celebrate using your child’s Step2 toys! Decorating your child’s playhouse or climber can be a fun way for you and your child to use your creativity while celebrating this patriotic time of year.

What you will need:

  • Red, white, and blue construction paper (or poster board- that is what we used! We felt it was sturdier)
  • Scissors
  • Garland
  • American flag(s)
  • Stapler
  • Tape

How to create the red, white and blue chain(s) [Adult supervision required for this step]: Cut the construction paper or poster board into strips, then take the strip and attach the two ends of the strip together to create a ring. Staple the two ends together.  Place the second strip of paper through the newly made loop. Again, join the ends of the strip together by stapling. Alternate between red, white, and blue strips to continue this process of creating a long chain.

Once you have completed the long chain, place the chain(s) on the desired playhouse or climber. If it is windy, you can tape parts of the chain onto the playhouse or climber. Place the American flag(s) in the ground around the climber or playhouse. Tape the garland near the doorway of the playhouse or in and throughout part the climber.

Decorating your Step2 playhouse or climber can make your backyard or home more festive as you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend! What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Tutorial

Christmas at Step2: Behind the Scenes at the Streetsboro Headquarters

It’s a ton of fun to be at Step2 around around Christmastime. In addition to the fact that we are around toys all day long, it’s exciting to play a role in children’s excitement on Christmas morning.

Tree and Rudolph

The Step2 Store, located right in front of our main office, is open to the public year round. They too are having some holiday fun, deeming themselves “Toy Land.” A giant Christmas tree is the focal point of the store and when the little ones enter they are greeted by a mini tree and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, we welcome you to stop by to check it out. There is a sale going on right now on excess inventory and discontinued items.

Kids Pack

The holiday season is all about sharing time with loved ones.  In this spirit, the Step2 Elves (our HR department) put together holiday craft bags with a few activities for our little loved ones.  Each bag included a holiday stencil, ornament fun coloring sheets, paper plate holiday character craft, and a decorate a gingerbread house sticker sheet.

It also had a letter to Santa.  Santa asked that the letter be returned to the Step2 Elves so that it can be delivered to him.  The Step2 Elves will post the letters in our cafeteria. The “Elves” have it under good authority that the big guy himself will be happy to send a personalized return letter.


The ladies on our Customer Service team take the cake for the most holiday spirit in the building. Lights and garland line the cubicles, decorations hang on the walls, and Christmas music fills the air from 8am – 5pm ET each day from now until Christmas.

Customer Service

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday and a joyous new year!

Happy Holidays