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FriDIY: Toy Boat

friday diy crafts

Ahoy matey! We have a special DIY craft that will go great with your kid’s splash-tastic adventures this spring and summer. Thanks to Inner Child Fun, we were inspired to make a toy boat out from materials that you can find around the house.  We put this boat together with just five materials! Let’s get started:

toy boat craft supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Three wine corks
  • Toothpicks
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper (card stock or multipurpose)
  • Markers and/or crayons

toy boat instructions

  1. Cut a triangle out of the corner of the paper to make the flag and have your little one color the flag
  2. Wrap a rubber band twice around the three corkscrews on one side. Repeat on other side.
  3. Cut the rubber bands and tie them together to make the rope for the boat (make it as long or as short as you  would like)
  4. Place the rope underneath the two rubber bands that are currently holding the boat base together and tie the “rope” to the rubber bands
  5. Cut the pointed top of the tooth pick so little ones do not poke themselves with the flag pole during play time
  6. Poke two holes into the flag and slide the toothpick through and place the flag on the middle corkscrew. Now your kids can begin sailing their DIY toy boat!

You and your kids will have a blast making this toy boat. Not only does making this craft encourage kids to get creative by designing their own flag, but once the final product is complete, kids can race their toy boats in their water table, bathtub or pool.

We hope you had as much fun making this FriDIY toy boat as we did!

toy boats in kid's water table

FriDIY: Gas Can


It’s time to get crafty with our new blog series FriDIY. The last Friday of every month we will be featuring craft tutorials that you and your little ones can make together! Your kids will be able to use many of these craft ideas with their Step2 toys.

This month, we searched the web for inspiration and stumbled upon an awesome idea from Mother’s Niche for a gas can to go along with your little one’s ride-on toys.  We just had to try it out ourselves! This gas can will go perfect with Easy Turn Coupe and Toddle Tune Coupe because both cars have built-in gas caps that little racers can pretend they are filling up! Without further ado, let’s get started:

Gas Can Instructions

  1. Gather the following materials: an old detergent bottle or carpet cleaning spray bottle, paper, scissors, auto fuel funnel (which you can find at your local dollar store) and tape. Soak the bottle in hot water and soap before repurposing this as a play toy. As with any craft, adult supervision is highly recommended.
  2. The auto fuel funnel easily detaches into two parts, the funnel and the tube. You will only need the tube for this craft.
  3. Your child can draw the label for the gas can to help develop their writing and drawing skills or you can print out the one we created by clicking here. Cut out the label so it fits on the bottle.
  4. Tape the label onto the bottle.
  5. When taping, we only taped the four sides of the label onto the bottle. For extra durability, you can use packaging tape and cover the entire label in tape.
  6. Get tape or a hot glue gun for the opening of the bottle.
  7.  Line the tape or hot glue around the opening of the bottle.
  8. Place the tube onto the opening of the bottle. Hold onto the part of the tube that is attached to the bottle for twenty seconds.

Now your kids can fuel up some fun and imaginative play with their new gas can!

ride-on with gas canKid's Ride-on


Wordless Wednesday: Spooky Rides

Wordless Wednesdays spooky rides

Have your trick-or-treaters ride in style this Halloween. Check out these creative ways the Test Drive Bloggers used their wagons for this spooky time of year:


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Healthy Family Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the meal that many health experts consider to be the most important. However, one in ten children tends to skip breakfast, which may limit their ability to learn. When kids skip breakfast there is a chance they may feel tired and irritable. Their energy level and mood can drop as the morning progresses if they don’t eat even a small morning meal.

As parents, how do we encourage our children to eat breakfast in addition to serving food with the proper nutrients needed to start the day? First, lead by example and eat breakfast yourself. We found some excellent, healthy family breakfast ideas from Cooking Light, Little Inspiration, Simmworks Family, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, and Meet the Dubiens that we think you and your kids will love!

Fresh Toast Soldiers: Sweet and nutritious. French toast doesn’t need to be smothered in syrup to be delicious. A side of strawberries can satisfy their sweet tooth.


Bear in a blanket: Breakfast has never looks so snuggly and cute! This adorable breakfast idea consists of rice, eggs, and cheese. This combination of foods is filled with tons of protein to help your children grow.



Strawberry Muffins: A sweet treat for a family that is on the go. This breakfast idea is a great way to include fruits, dairy, and oats into your family’s daily regimen.


Omelette in a mug: Ever you ever heard of simply cracking eggs into a mug and putting them in the microwave to cook? This is an amazing twist on how to make scrambled eggs. To make these scrambled eggs more wholesome add cheese and your choice of meat to make a supreme omelette!



Hard-boiled chicks: A very creative way to present hard boiled eggs is by making them look like little chickens! Grab some carrots and plastic Easter eggs to create a fun animal character that your whole family will look forward to eating in the morning.


Breakfast will never be the same in your household with these fun and healthy food choices. Remember, breakfast is the meal that recharges your body and brain after your slumber. Making breakfast a family activity and mandatory meal will make the whole family healthier and happier in the long run. Enjoy!

Do you have any breakfast ideas that you’d like to add?


Can-Do DIY Crafts

can crafts


Get crafty and eco-friendly with some family fun activities involving metal cans! Below are some of the most creative can crafts that we have found from Family Fun Magazine, PBS, Make & Takes, and Fave Crafts.

Cool Can Chimes: Take four or five empty and clean cans, ranging in size from large to small. Then grab heavyweight string, a wooden ring, and acrylic paint to design the metal cans. Your backyard will be transformed into a beautiful and musical wonderland

can chimes

Mini Tin Can Drums: Children can design their own drum set with tape, stickers, ribbons, construction paper, and balloons. Plus, these little drums help promote fine motor skills!.

can drums


Soup Can Bowling: Bowling with soup cans is a great rainy day craft and activity for the kids. Collect as many soup cans as you desire and paint them with acrylic paint. Pick up a 5” Styrofoam ball at a craft store and paint it to resemble a bowling ball. Keep score of who can knock down the most soup cans!

soup can bowling

Tin Can Robots: Create futuristic robots with tin cans, magnets, sponges, and pipe cleaners! Kids will love putting together their own robot and watching how fast the magnets and tin cans connect to one another.

can robots

Which craft will you create with your family?

Memorial Day DIY Decorations

In the past, we have enjoyed providing our customers with fun DIY activities such as crafts and recipes for holidays. However, for this Memorial Day weekend, we decided to provide you with a festive way to celebrate using your child’s Step2 toys! Decorating your child’s playhouse or climber can be a fun way for you and your child to use your creativity while celebrating this patriotic time of year.

What you will need:

  • Red, white, and blue construction paper (or poster board- that is what we used! We felt it was sturdier)
  • Scissors
  • Garland
  • American flag(s)
  • Stapler
  • Tape

How to create the red, white and blue chain(s) [Adult supervision required for this step]: Cut the construction paper or poster board into strips, then take the strip and attach the two ends of the strip together to create a ring. Staple the two ends together.  Place the second strip of paper through the newly made loop. Again, join the ends of the strip together by stapling. Alternate between red, white, and blue strips to continue this process of creating a long chain.

Once you have completed the long chain, place the chain(s) on the desired playhouse or climber. If it is windy, you can tape parts of the chain onto the playhouse or climber. Place the American flag(s) in the ground around the climber or playhouse. Tape the garland near the doorway of the playhouse or in and throughout part the climber.

Decorating your Step2 playhouse or climber can make your backyard or home more festive as you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend! What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Tutorial

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