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Hooray for Labor Day!

This Labor Day teach your kids the meaning behind the holiday with facts and crafts that the whole family can enjoy.

First, ask your children if they know what Labor Day is all about. If they do not, explain the purpose of the day and why we celebrate it.

Apples4theteacher.com gave these brief facts about this honorable holiday:

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. It’s a day dedicated to the hard working men and women of America. It became an official national holiday in 1894.

During Labor Day, we celebrate activities that relate to summer such as: swimming, camping, picnics, etc. A lesson that your children can appreciate about Labor Day is that everyone plays a role or works a job that helps to support the community, this can relate to how they help out in school or around the house.

Next, the real fun begins!  Ask your child (or children) what they want to be when they grow up and bring out the magazines, construction paper, scissors, and glue. Help your kids browse through magazines and find images associated with the job they want to have when they grow up. Have them (or help them) cut out the pictures and glue them to their own personal career board. Explain the different responsibilities of each job/picture they pick out. This is a fun way to intertwine education and crafts!

Finally, since Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, encourage the kids to get out and play during this fun filled three day weekend! Support active play and ensure that the kids spend a lot of time on their swing sets and playhouses.  This will buy you some time to prepare a special Labor Day meal.

From the Step2 Family we’d like to wish you and your family a great Labor Day Weekend! In celebration of the holiday, our offices will be closed on Monday, September 3rd.  We will re-open on Tuesday, September 4th at 8:00AM Eastern.

What family fun do you have planned for your weekend?

Back to School Tips for Preschoolers

As the summer winds down and school starts back up, it is hard to transition from summer to back to school. Hopefully, your little ones have had an excellent summer. Now it is time to change gears and make sure that they are prepared for back to school.

Parentsfurther.com has provided ten back to school tips that will make the transition a little easier for both you and your children.

Here are the top five tips, Step2 believed were the most helpful:

1. If you and your child have fallen out of your bedtime routine this summer, get back into a solid routine. A week before the first day of school is a good time frame in which to begin.

2. Plan and shop for healthy breakfasts and lunches a week in advance. This will save you precious time and prevent much stress in the long run!

3. Accidents happen! Prepare a change of clothes in advance, and bring it with you on the first day of school for your child’s teacher to keep in the classroom.

4. If possible, arrange play dates with other parents of preschoolers, or find out if your local library or community center offers free events for young children. Spending time with other children will help your child’s social and emotional development and prepare her for the school environment.

5. Parents’ involvement in school is important—even in preschool! Talk to your child’s preschool teacher (or child-care provider) regularly about his educational and social development.

In addition to the tips that Parentsfurther.com had, Step2 suggests promoting creativity within children. For the next couple weeks, encouraging your child to use their desks and easels would help support the back to school transition as well!