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7 Reasons to Grin during National Smile Week

Reasons to grin

Put on your happy face and grin from ear-to-ear because it’s National Smile Week! This cheerful holiday is celebrated during the second week of August each year. National Smile Week was originally created to promote dental health, but over the years it has turned into a time to encourage healthy habits and share the positive effects of smiling! In honor of this joyous week, here are seven reasons to grin:

  1. It’s easy to smile
  2. Smiling is good for your health
  3. It’s fun to smile
  4. When you smile, you get to show off those pearly whites!
  5. Smiling makes you feel better when you’re sad
  6. When you smile, it makes other people happy
  7. Smiling leads to laughing

Why do you and your little ones enjoy smiling?

Children’s New Year’s Resolutions

The year 2013 is almost here, which means we will begin to create our list of resolutions very soon. Even though many children may not understand what New Year’s resolutions are, we created a fun list that we bet parents would be jumping for joy over if their children actually resolved to do these things (we know we would!):

  • I will not throw food or toys at my brother/sister
  • When I scream about something, I won’t shriek or make my parents jump out of their skin
  • I will work on trying to understand what the word “no” means (but all I can do is “try”)
  • I will say thank you more
  • I will not color on objects that are not meant to be colored on
  • I will not leave my toys out where my parents can trip on them
  • I will not be the pickiest eater that my parents know
  • I will not lose interest in anything my parents buy me for at least a month
  • I will not ask silly questions that no one can answer but me
  • I will give more hugs and kisses each and every year

What resolution would add to this list for your child?

Have a Happy New Year!