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Thoughtful Thursday: Season of Giving


‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also a season of giving according to Jordyn Self, a 10-year-old girl who decided to auction off her American Girl Doll to raise money for U.S. troops. Jordyn asked for a limited edition American Girl Doll named Saige for Christmas. After accidently discovering the present she had asked for in her mom’s secret hiding spot, she decided she wanted to give the gift to those in need.


Jordyn and her little sister

Jordyn was inspired by her school’s character building group that was helping in the initiative Adopt-A-Platoon, which sends care packages to troops. The donations were very low, so Jordyn and her mom devised a plan to organize a drawing of the American Girl Doll to raise money for service members overseas. They set up a Facebook page called “Saige for Soliders” to get more buzz around this charity and so far, they have raised more than $1560!

Thank you to Jordyn and her mom for giving to those that protect us each and every day.


Thoughtful Thursday: The Gift of Giving

Thoughtful Thursday

At McClure Elementary in Dallas, Texas, the students are taught and encouraged to perform acts of kindness. Last January 8-year-old Katelyn Indelicato and her friends approached their teacher about having the desire to help someone in need. Jodie McCloud, Katelyn’s third grade teacher had heard of a story on the news about a 21-one-year-old being an innocent bystander that was severely injured in a drive-by shooting. This innocent bystander was Lukas Da Cruz, who can no longer walk and will need physical therapy to learn how to use his wheelchair. Lukas and his family are having a hard time paying for the cost of the physical therapy.

When Katelyn heard Lukas’s story, she felt the need to help him by donating money to assist him for paying for his physical therapy.  First she donated $40 from her piggy bank, then she raised $250 by having a lemonade stand at her grandmother’s house, and then during Easter, she gave a speech to her friends and family about her mission. They were inspired by her desire to help so they contributed $400. There is even a retired woman that sends Katelyn money at the end of each month to help her with her cause.

All the money that Katelyn has collected has been donated to Lukas’s physical therapy sessions at Project Walk in Dallas. Katelyn began this journey of giving through simply hearing Lukas’s tragedy, however, after all of her donations, her mother Shala, surprised her by taking her to Project Walk to meet Lukas. At first, when Lukas had heard of Katelyn’s generosity, he was confused and did not understand why she wanted to help. Lukas’s aunt explained to him that she understood why Katelyn was doing this; it was because it made her feel good to help someone in need.

Upon meeting, Lukas presented Katelyn with one of his soccer trophies to show her how much he appreciated her efforts for helping him.  This Thoughtful Thursday, we are showing our appreciation for Katelyn and her desire to help others through the gift of giving.

If you would like to make donations to Lukas’s therapy at Project Walk, a donation can be made to:

Project Walk Dallas
15046 Beltway Drive
Dallas, TX 75001

Thoughtful Thursday: Best Friends


Bill Watterson, the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes once said, “Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend.” This quote exemplifies the friendship between two six year old boys, Dylan and Jonah.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to Dylan Siegel for his heroic efforts to raise money for this best friend Jonah who has an incurable liver disease, Glycogen Storage Disease 1b.  Dylan and Jonah met during their second year of preschool and they have been best friends ever since. The book that Dylan wrote is about all things that he thinks are awesome. The term “chocolate bar” replaces the word awesome in the book.

Dylan’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 so doctors can find a cure for Jonah’s disease. So far, Dylan’s book the “Chocolate Bar” has raised $92,000. By going to the Chocolate Bar book website, you can help Dylan achieve his goal of raising money for his best friend. Jonah will never be alone when it comes to fighting for a cure for his disease as long as he has a friend like Dylan by his side.

Just BeCause we can


Our passion is happy kids, moms and families. We want to do everything we can, in big ways and small, to help moms have a beautiful parenting experience. And why wouldn’t we? It’s in our DNA and an important piece of what makes Step2. This often means going beyond our products…from listening to moms and learning about issues, to volunteering, donating and working with charities and non-profits. To us, giving means simply caring, and it’s something we do every day, in many ways, just because.

And that’s exactly what our Just BeCause program is about. It’s our way of giving wherever we can, whenever we can. So keep an eye out for some of our efforts, ventures and projects.