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A Walk to Remember

Thoughtful Thursday: A Walk to Remember

The bond little ones have with their grandparents is unbreakable. Four-year-old Lilly loves her great-grandma so much that she is determined to find a cure for Alzheimer’s for her. Lilly’s fight to end Alzheimer’s began a year ago when she started asking for donations from her neighbors for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This year, Lilly has participated in raising money by serving at lemonade stands with her cousins and now she wants to receive a contribution from all 50 states. Each time she collects a pledge from a new state, she colors in the state on her map of the U.S.

Lily Meyers

Photo by: Good New Network

Although Lilly’s great-grandma doesn’t always remember her, she knows that her nanny loves her very much. To Lilly, donating money to this wonderful cause isn’t just about helping her great-grandma; it’s about helping everyone that is suffering from this disease.

We wish Lilly the best of luck with receiving pledges from all 50 states! This Thoughtful Thursday, we honor the devotion this great granddaughter has for her nanny.

If you would like to make a donation, visit Lilly’s walk page.

The Joys of Being a Grandparent

Being a grandparent has all the joys of being a parent without the stress and discipline. When my daughter was in the hospital getting ready to deliver her first child, my first grandchild, I was fortunate to be present. I experienced all the feelings of a first time parent without the labor pains.

When my grandson was born I spent a week at my daughter’s to help with the new baby.   Well, actually I  took care of all the house chores while my daughter and son-in-law took care of all the baby’s needs but I did get a lot of one on one time with my new grandson. My grandson now calls me Nonna which is Italian for Grandma.

Because they live about 2 ½ hours away, I don’t get to see my grandson on a daily basis but we manage to see each other about once a month, sometimes they come up to stay with us but most times I travel to Columbus for a weekend stay.  I don’t mind the 2+ hour drive down but the drive back always seems longer and not as exciting.

Being a grandparent means you get to spoil and break some (or most) of the rules. For example:  My grandson loves chocolate chip cookies especially home made. My daughter and son in law have a two cookie rule.  When I babysit he usually manages to get three cookies (sometimes four) especially when he looks at me with those big baby blue eyes and says “One more, Nonna? one more?” Bedtime is always at least an hour later than normal.  After all you can’t send the little guy to bed when he’s having so much fun.

While visiting this past weekend, we made a trip to the park on Saturday and spent Sunday at the Columbus Zoo for Boo at the Zoo.  My grandson went as a fireman, a very handsome fireman. For some reason I was up at 6:44AM on Sunday! I was probably excited about going to the zoo, so I decided to sneak down stairs and clean up the kitchen from the night before and start the coffee, when I heard a small voice upstairs say “Is that my Nonna?”  my heart melted.

I’m hoping to have the little one spend a week with me next summer so I can really spoil him.

I ran across a couple quotes that explain it all:

“The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people with NO grandchildren.”

Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old

To all you grandparents out there, what do you think the most rewarding part of being a grandparent is?


Sara is a mother of four. She has two daughters – Jamie age 35 and Taylor age 16 – and two sons – Justin age 20 and Christopher age 14. She is also a grandmother of one – Andrew age 3. She lives in Mantua, Ohio with her husband Bill. She has worked at Step2 for the past 12 years (before that she was a stay at home mom for 9 years). Sara is the Operations Manager for Step2 Direct internet sales.

Dedication to the New-Age Grandparents

Grandparents are parents too and they help us raise kids. My in-laws had a grandparent play date and that’s when I realized grand parenting is not what it used to be! They take the kids everywhere and do things I never did with my grandparents. My grandparents had friends named “Mr. Early” and “Bud” and we slept over at Christmas. My kids go to pick pumpkins, go to the movies, and go to TJ Maxx to pick out toys. They also have grandparent play dates with their grandchildren. The grand parenting books that I have seen show white haired grandmothers with glasses. However, that is not what grandparents look like anymore and I love it. They are not old; they are seasoned at parenting and have tons of fun with their grandchildren.

I have heard several grandparents describe the love they have for their grandchildren. They don’t go as far as saying their love their grandchildren more than their kids but they express something they can’t quite put words to – about how much they love their children’s children.  It’s a love they can’t imagine until they become grandparents.   There’s no discipline, no stress of getting things done and in order – just love and fun. Now that’s something to look forward to.



I have to share one more grand parenting story that touched my heart and I’ll remember until I become one. It’s the power of a name – the power of being named after someone. My friend and colleague, Fred, recently became a grandparent, specifically in April. Fred had lost his wonderful wife and best friend, Kathy (“Kate”), five years ago to cancer. So she was not able to witness the birth of their first grandchild. Fred was ecstatic and blessed to be able to be at the hospital when his granddaughter was born.  He was ushered into the room where his daughter-in-law and son had just welcomed their first born daughter. He was then introduced to “Kate,” his granddaughter. Kate was named after her grandmother!

Grandparents love hearing all of the silly stories that parents love telling and they make those stories fun to share. Stories of first words, rolling over, jokes, first days of school little details are not lost on grandparents.

So, thank you grandparents, the new version of grandparents that have play-dates, still have pony-tails and ride bikes… the grandparents of 2012, the day of “middle-age” grandparents.


About Sara S.

Sara is an on the go – down to earth Momma, married to a Marine and the mother of two get dirty wild and crazy, play in the mud boys. She loves Michael Jackson, dancing and spending time with her family. She is honored to be able to teach her little guys about the world around them, about kindness love and the human spirit. For fun, she loves to make jewelry, shop, ski and spend time outdoors getting dirty with her boys. Sara is a Sr. Product Manager at Step2.