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Clever Crafts for the Festival of Lights

Hanukkah is only a few days away (starting December 8, 2012 at sundown). We found some creative and decorative crafts that can help children learn about the eight day celebration.

Clothespin Menorah

Let the kids “light” their own menorah. Luckily, this menorah does not have flames but it still just as beautiful and bright.

While your kids are creating this symbolic Hannukah item, define what the menorah is.  The menorah “represents the miracle of the oil in the eternal light. According to tradition, the oil burned for eight days rather than the one day expected.”

Marshmallow Menorah by Just Jenn Rants

Do you still have candy corn stashed away from Halloween?  Here is your chance to get rid of it! Stick candy corn to marshmallows to create nine lovely Hanukkah candles to represent a candy menorah.

Dreidel Straws by Creative Jewish Mom

Bring out the child in everyone with these felt attachments that easily slide on straws. Have the kids trace dreidel print outs and then cut them out for your kids!

Not only will you have a blast creating dreidel straws but teaching your children how to play dreidel will be just as fun!

Star of David Craft by PunkTorah

Save popsicle sticks from old popsicles or pick some up at a craft store so that you and your kids can create the Star of David. You can hang these on strings and place the decorations all throughout your house.
Star of David Craft

While you are creating the Star of David ornaments explain to the children why the Star of David is important. Also referred to as Magen David, the Star of David is supposed to represent the shape of King David’s shield.

What fun crafts will you create with your children for Hanukkah? Happy Hanukkah!


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