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New Spring 2012 Toys are Here

Spring has sprung early again at Step2! The majority of the Spring 2012 collection is now available. From a slide with fort underneath and sandbox/climber combo to a handful of new sand and water tables, these new products will make your little ones want the warm weather to arrive much sooner than later!

Fort Slide-Away*

Fort Slide-Away

Fort and slide combination is perfect for kids who love the outdoors, and for moms who love to watch their kids have fun and make-believe. *This product has been discontinued as of fall 2014.

Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water Table*

Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water Table

Now in new colors for spring! This all-in-one adjustable table features both sand & water fun. “Grow with me” legs raise unit 4″ (10.2 cm) and table includes drain plug, one-piece plastic cover with molded-in roadways and elastic tie-downs, removable 40″ (101.6 cm) umbrella, and 7-piece accessory set (sand not included). *This version has been discontinued. However, there is another color scheme to choose from.

My Clubhouse*

My Clubhouse

Kids will love to make believe in this, unique backyard edition perfect for multi-child play. There is so much to do with the peephole, chalkboard, picnic table and secret hiding compartment. The fabric roof is durable and weather resistant. *This product has been discontinued as of fall 2014.

Panda Climber

Panda Climber

Now in new colors for spring! This all-in-one activity gym features a crawl-through tunnel, archway, fun slide, and wide protruding stairs that lead up to a large platform.

Pink Wagon for Two

Pink Wagon for Two

This classic wagon is now available exclusively for girls. Features an easy-latch door opens to two contoured seats and deep leg well with molded-in drain holes. It has a long handle for easy pulling that fold under wagon for easy transport and storage.

Smile & Ride Buggy

Smile & Ride - Red

This cute character car features a honking horn and steering wheel. Includes a seat belt for added security.

Woodland Climber

Woodland Climber

Now available in new colors for spring. This sturdy climber provides fun that stands out by blending in. It features natural colors and realistic textures that look great in any residential setting.

4-in-1 Rock N Stroll Rider

4-in-1 Rock N Stroll Rider

This ride on toy easily transforms into a rocker, toddler cart, walker and foot-to-foot vehicle. The 4-in-1 design is perfect for your growing toddler. Base removes for rocking. This toddler cart is designed with a support bar and long handle for easy adult steering. *This product has been discontinued as of fall 2013.

Big Splash Water Park

Big Splash Water Park

Pour water down the water slide or spin the water wheel! Catapult diving board flips the swimmers into the pool. Big splash water tower is durable and lasts for years. Open area to inspire imaginative water play. Drain plug and accessory set included.

Kangaroo Climber

Kangaroo Climber

Back by popular demand! This all-in-one toddler activity gym features a crawl-thru tunnel, Dutch door, archway and unique exterior step-up walls.

Tropical Island Resort

Tropical Island Resort

Hours of splish and splash water fun! Send the play people down the slide or off the diving board, spin the water wheel carousel, and pump the geyser to watch the water flow. Features an elevated height puts play area at toddler arms’ reach and includes 14 piece accessory set.

Dockside Sandbox & Climber

Dockside Sandbox & Climber

This sandbox/climber combo features an adorable nautical theme. It has 3-in-1 play features including steering wheel, slide, sandbox and play platform combo. Includes a shade canopy to shade little skippers from the sun and a lid to protect from the elements and environment.


IMPORTANT: The Step2 X-Rider has been voluntarily recalled. If you own this item, have your child STOP using it immediately and contact Step2 at 1-866-860-1887 or visit http://www.step2.com/recall/XRider/


Give your little one hours of cruising enjoyment with this whimsical toy that he or she can ride on. Its plastic design features a colorful red body and a yellow handle and seats. The blue headlights resemble friendly eyes that are begging for some fun.

Hoping For the Return of the Big Splash Center?

Since the Big Splash Center was discontinued years ago, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests to produce this product again.

Step2 Big Splash Center

We sincerely appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers and welcome any feedback about our products. Because of your feedback, we’ve brought back the Pedal Farm Tractor and the Choo Choo Wagon. We’ve also passed the feedback about the alternatives to the discontinued Kangaroo Climber to our research and development team.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve already received about the Big Splash Center:

“I am curious to know why step 2 discontinued slide that goes w/big splash pool? They are a HOT item on ebay!” –Anonymous

“BRING BACK THE BIG SPLASH POOL/Slide. There is not one out there that is as durable.” – Lora

“I want a Step 2 Big Splash Center for the grandson and dogs to cool off in, but I can’t find one. I don’t want a cheap pool that won’t endure a southern summer! Be different and market a useful item that lasts! Please consider producing this item again…” -M. Ryan

“Please bring back the Step 2 Big Splash Pool! We had ours for 13 yrs, 5 kids, numerous neighbor and daycare kids before it got a crack in it only because our son jumped on it when it was turned upside down. I am heart broken to find out that this slide isn’t available anymore. Please bring it back!” Amy

What do you think? Do you want the Big Splash Center to return? Is there another Step2 product that you wish we would bring back? While we can’t ensure that this or any item will return, we welcome your feedback!


Thank you all so much for your feedback and passion regarding the big splash pool. Over the last few months here at Step2, we have been trying to find a way to make this product so that it is affordable to customers, affordable to ship, and still has all of the features and quality you would expect from Step2. Unfortunately, we are unable to come up with that right combination, and therefore, we have decided not to move forward with bringing this product back.

Alternatives to the Discontinued Kangaroo Climber

UPDATE: Thanks to all of this feedback, we have brought the Kangaroo Climber back in updated colors! To view the new Kangaroo Climber, click here.

We often get questions from customers asking us where the Kangaroo Climber can be purchased. Although the Kangaroo Climber was discontinued in December 2009 and no longer available for purchase, we still offer the Koala Climber.

The Koala Climber has a similar structure with exterior step-up walls for climbing. The main difference between the two climbers is the Koala Climber does not have a Dutch door.

Discontinued Kangaroo Climber

Koala Climber

The new Panda Climber is another all-in-one activity gym for toddlers. It also features a crawl-through tunnel and fun slide.

Panda Climber

How do you think the Koala Climber and new Panda Climber compare to the Kangaroo Climber?