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My Favorite Superhero


by Matt

When we were little, we believed that having specials powers made someone a superhero. When we were little, we fell in love with all the superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman and many more. I too idolized these characters when I was little. I could be found watching all of the major Saturday morning superhero cartoon shows before doing chores (of course). I still enjoy those same superheroes to this day, but there is one superhero I never read about in the comic books, never saw on the cartoon television shows or at the box office. For me, that superhero is my Dad.

As a young boy, my father was constantly instilling his super powers in me. I didn’t know what his super powers were at the time, but I have come to notice them over the past few years, especially now that I have started my journey into the workforce. My father exemplified the habit of always giving his all to everything. He also showed me that in order to have the nice things in life, one has to work hard for them. At first, I didn’t buy into these theories. After all, Batman had nice things and he didn’t work too hard for them.


But as I get older, I recognize that my dad not only spoke of the habits that bring success, he models them. He has proven that hard work and doing your absolute best, like he always encouraged me to do, will help you succeed in life. He has been very successful at his career and has never failed at anything he has tried. My dad has worked extremely hard to support our family and has always been there for me, especially now as I encounter my first time experiences of adulthood. My father is my strength to work hard and my inspiration to succeed. I now know that my father is the superhero I have always wanted to become. All he’s missing is the cape.

About Matt
BioPhotoMatt is a major sports fanatic. Whether it is cheering on the Cleveland Indians or hitting the links at the local golf courses, he can usually be found browsing for new additions to his baseball card collection. He also enjoys traveling and is hoping to visit all 50 of the United States someday. Matt is a Marketing Associate at Step2.

Getting Into Shape with Your Kids

Each year a common resolution is to lose weight.  Losing weight can be a difficult task when you are taking care of your kids every day (that is a full time job within itself!). A great way to get back into shape is by getting your kids involved and active as you do the same.

Here are some fun and energetic moves both you and your children can enjoy:

Dance party: Crank up the tunes and dance around the house. Whether you are cleaning or participating in play time- break out in random dance spurts with your kids and go with the flow of the music. Even get up and dance while there is a commercial on with catchy music.

Be a mirror: Try to show your kids some basic yoga or cardio moves by asking them to imitate you. Simple yoga moves like Warrior I and Happy Baby aren’t too strenuous for kids.

Set up an obstacle course: If you have enough room in your home, use your children’s toys and create an obstacle course that both you and your kids can use. Time each other as your race to through the obstacle course. Whoever wins get a prize!

Get out and play: Right now, it is very cold and snowy in some areas. In others areas, it may be bright and sunny. Either way, playing outside can burn some calories. If you live where temperatures are frigid right now, make a snowman and shovel the driveway with your kids. Make it fun and a friendly competition. See who can make the biggest snowmen or the most snowmen in fifteen minutes or see who can shovel the most snow off the driveway. For the places with sunshine and warm weather, wash the car together and dance while doing it. For an extra challenge, grab that stroller or wagon and jog as your children enjoy a joy ride.

Roll around, be silly, and do random workout moves with your kids. Any type of physical movement will help to lose those extra pounds.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving with your kids and have some fun with one of the most popular resolutions of them all.