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How Specialty Kids Furniture Keeps your Child Safe

Keeping your children safe is a number one concern for parents of kids of all ages. Instead of dragging the old furniture out of your parents attic, investing in the new and improved specialty kids furniture will give you peace of mind. You want your children to have fun and enjoy all that being a kid has to offer. When looking for safe furniture for your children, consider durable picnic tables, kids beds and toddler beds.

Choosing the best picnic tables for kids may be more difficult than you think. There are many great choices and sizes and you will need to carefully consider who will be using the furniture. You may have several grandchildren who love to have picnics when they come to visit grandma and grandpa. If so, you need to purchase a large picnic table with an umbrella. Even if you plan to use the table in the basement during the winter months, when the kids are playing outside for long hours, an umbrella over the picnic table will give them some shade. Kids will improvise when they need specific furniture for their playtime. If you do not want them using the expensive coffee table in the formal living room or the flimsy t.v. tray in backyard, choose colorful picnic tables to provide the space they need.

Kids love a cool bedroom and finding a safe bed is important. If your son is into NASCAR he would love the stock car convertible bed. Once your children move out of their crib into a regular bed, you may worry about safety and making sure they don’t fall off the bed. Instead of putting just a regular twin size bed in the room, find a fun safe piece of furniture that will appeal to your child’s imagination. Affordability may also be a key concern when looking for children’s bedroom furniture. Although you may be tempted to use the old daybed in the spare room, you will feel much better when putting your child to sleep in a Lifestyle or a Princess Palace twin bed.

Toddler beds come in all different shapes and sizes. Once your child begins to climb out of the crib, it will be much safer to give her a toddler bed. You can find safe beds that use a crib size mattress and will be comfortable and cozy for your daughter or granddaughter. Give the kids a safe place to sleep and endless hours of fun.

Furniture made especially for kids is key to keeping them safe during the day and the night. You will find creative and colorful picnic tables and kids and toddlers beds. If you want to make the children happy for years to come, make their space fun and imaginative.

Tricks for Getting Your Child to Bed (and Staying There)

You can barely drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, but your child can’t seem to stay in hers throughout the night. One of the most frustrating struggles parents have to go through with a young child is getting them to go to bed – and stay in bed! Once freed from the crib and into a kids bed, children naturally want to explore any and everything they can. We’ve put together three tips to help your child go to bed – and stay there!

  • Make your kids bed a fun place to be by playing up to their imagination and creativity. There are many options available when shopping for a kids bed. For a fun twist on the twin bed, try a bed in a fun shape, like a car bed. Your little one will fall fast asleep with visions of pit stops and checkered flags dancing in his head. By encouraging your child’s imagination, even at bedtime, you make their new bed a fun place to be.
  • Provide the security of a routine. Children thrive when they can count on what comes next – bedtime is no exception. So, when it’s time to move your child on to a kids bed, keep their bedtime routine the same whether it includes a nice bath or a good book. If they can count on things to be the same, they may not be tempted to seek you out in the middle of the night.
  • Bribery. Ok, maybe not all-out bribery, but giving your child an incentive to stay in their beds at night can pay off big time. Set up a weekly chart and place a sticker on each day your child sleeps in her own bed the entire night, with the incentive of a special treat at the end of the week. After a week, your child will be used to his own bed and won’t be tempted to visit yours!