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Retro/Classic Toys that are Back in Style

Do your children love to play with kids toys that you found in the attic or basement? Although these items may seem like a lot of fun, they may not be completely safe for your children. Luckily, retro/classic toys are coming back into style. You can find many child play toys that you, or even your parents, played with as a child in their new and improved form. When you are looking for great toys to give as gifts or something unique to surprise your child with, consider purchasing a “new” classic toy.

50's DinerA fun activity for children is playing house and setting up a kitchen to have a party. Think about how excited your son or daughter will be if you give them a 50′s Diner set up. This creative toy comes with a booth for the kids to sit down and order a milk shake and hamburger. If your kids have ever watched the older television programs, they will love the feel of the old style diner. You will be amazed by the hours of fun they can have “waiting” on their customers and even playing 50′s music.

To go along with the classic diner, you may also enjoy the Cozy Kitchen. If your son or daughter enjoys helping you in the kitchen, it may be beneficial to put these cute kids toys close to your own dining room. With the classic design and all of the amenities, your kids can enjoy fixing dinner while you are busy getting the meal ready for the family. It is important to allow your children to express themselves and use creative play to learn how to do everyday chores.

If your father or grandfather enjoyed a train set when they were growing up, finding the perfect train set for your toddler has never been easier. You can find a new and improved plastic train set that your son or daughter will enjoy for years to come. Even if you still have your set from years ago, you may not want your small children or grandchildren playing with the set until they are a little older. You can give them their own classic set up that is durable, but still offers all of the fun.

Whether you are looking for child play toys like cooking activity sets or ride on toys, you can find great classic items that are coming back into style. Although you may be tempted to go digging through the attic to find the toys from your past, it will be safer to find the “new” classic toys that are made with your child’s safety in mind. Let your kids enjoy playing with the same kinds of toys you enjoyed as a child and get them away from the television and computer and into creative play.

Don’t Let Your Kids’ Toys Become Little Germ Farms

Kids’ toys that drool with baby food, toys that somehow leap like a rabbit into your organic garden, and toys that you find nestled next to the toilet – or floating in it – of course, all need a good cleaning. So do toys that have been handled by children or adults with the flu or a cold, or that have just plain been laying around the house or in the bottom of the toy box. Truth be told, to ensure that child play toys stay hygienic and germ free, they all need periodic cleaning.

Other than cloth toys, which you can usually put through the washing machine, a simple solution of warm water with a drop or two of mild dish soap will keep nearly all kids’ toys clean. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and thoroughly wipe down the toys. A soft toothbrush will come in handy for hard-to-get-at areas. Also, keep child play toys mildew and mold free before they bloom with fungi. Whenever you wipe down kids toys — especially inflatable toys, which will hold moisture if you fold them for storage — allow them to completely air dry, even if you’ve wiped them dry, before tossing them into a confined area, such as the toy box.



Which Toy Award Should You Trust?

Toy awards for kids toys need to be carefully considered in order to ascertain whether they are a legitimate source of useful information regarding whether a particular kids toy is entertaining and safe. However there are many toy awards programs (accessible online and elsewhere) that can set a parent’s mind to rest.

The Parents’ Choice awards have been a trusted kids toys awards program since 1978. Awarding bronze silver and gold medals to kids toys, this is the oldest non-profit toy evaluation organization in the USA. Parents’ Choice awards keeps their evaluation process a secret to avoid companies trying to take advantage, but the organization only awards 20 per cent of reviewed products toy awards.

Parents looking to deliver fun and cognitive advancement in their kids toys should check out Fat Brain Toy Awards. This company places an emphasis on avoiding cheap, violent and licensed toys that do little or nothing to help your child’s intellectual advancement. They also are proud that they offer a huge selection of American made toys.

Other trusted toy awards organizations include-Dr. Toys Awards program, Designer Toy Awards, Good Housekeeping Toy Awards, Tillywig Toy Awards, Parents Magazine Toy Awards and Oppenheimer Toy Awards. Each of these kids toys award organizations offer quality, unbiased advice and descriptions of each of the kids toys that have received an award.