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A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love cannot be defined. It is one of the most powerful bonds we will ever feel as children and as mothers, ourselves. There are many moms that work here at Step2 and adult children who love to talk about how amazing their moms are. Meet the super moms, sons and daughters of Step2:

mother's day 2_“My mother is a very special woman.  Through my life I’ve had the pleasure of my mother’s love and I’ve also watched her touch people’s lives in countless ways.  She is a very giving, kind and loving woman and I’m so glad and very lucky to have her.  I’m also glad that my daughter has the pleasure of knowing her grandmother.  So here is to my mother and all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!” – Rose (second from left)  Consumer Service Representative and Judy (second from the right) Consumer Service Lead

mother's day 1_“Without my mother, I would never know how to laugh at the silly world we live in.” – Jason (second from left), Art Directorblessedbybrenna“For me, motherhood is seeing the profound value of learning about who your children are, and then encouraging and teaching them to be the best versions of themselves, instead of pushing them to be who you want them to be. It is my hope that this acceptance and unconditional love will empower and strengthen my children as well as foster self-confidence and kindness!” – Courtney, Step2 Ambassador

MeMylesMom_“Being a mom is the most selfless, heart exploding, gut wrenching, instinct driven form of love I will ever experience and I wouldn’t trade it for a second.” – Tena (right), Step Employee

seevanessacraftPhoto credit: Jen Roberts Photography

“Motherhood has made me a less selfish, more flexible and much more patient person. It makes me appreciate the little things and embrace the challenging things. I’m a better person because of it.” – Vanessa, Step2 Ambassador

nicolenmom_“My mom is one of my biggest supporters and without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Every time I think of the sacrifices she went through to raise me by herself, I get choked up – she truly is an incredible woman. Even though we may fight sometimes, I love every single thing about her. I love you forever and always, mom.” – Nicole, Internet Marketing Specialist

thiftyniftymommy“I thought motherhood meant giving of myself, but really it’s gaining the world.” – Janessa, Step2 Ambassador

MothersDay_Ashley_“I am blessed to be part of this “elite club” known as motherhood. To me, being a mom means exemplifying the purest form of love and seeing myself through my child’s eyes.” – Ashley, Social Media Manager

kareysdaughters_“To me, motherhood is a sense of responsibility and pride no matter how old your kids get. Every day is an adventure of building memories for a lifetime.” – Karey (not pictured), Step2 Direct Representative

meghanmomandclara_“Motherhood is a privilege and a gift, and I learned that from my mother, who the bedrock of our family is. Don’t take it for granted, and have fun in the process. It can be ridiculous and hilarious, and throughout it all, motherhood reminds you not to take yourself too seriously.” – Meghan (right), Director of Marketing Communications & Licensing

In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to take the time to thank all of the mothers out there for being patient and kind and for giving us the special gift of life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Four Ways Kids Can Make Mother’s Day Perfect

four way kids can make mother's day perfect_

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, many kids are trying to figure out what they can do for the special moms in their lives. As toddlers and preschooler begin to understand the concept of Mother’s Day, there are plenty of ways they can make this day wonderful. Here are four ways that kids can make this special date perfect with the use of their toys:

Puppet show: Instead of heading out to a movie or play, your little ones can do the entertaining! Your little actors and actresses can put on a puppet show for all the lovely ladies celebrating Mother’s Day in your home.

puppet theater

Whip up a yummy treat: Put your little chef to the test. If the kids ask what mom wants for her amazing day, suggest a delicious dessert or meal made from one of their play kitchens. Many of our customers have told us their kids like to serve them “coffee” with their play kitchens so you could also ask for a fresh cup of Joe!

Heart of the Home Kitchen

Tidy up: Now this might be a far stretch for some kids, but maybe you have been waiting for your kids to clean their room for awhile. If they have a toy box, chest or dresser, entice them to put their toys away and surprise mom with a nice clean room!

Lift & Hide Bookcase Storage Chest

Craft a masterpiece: Your mini Picassos can create a magnificent piece of artwork with their art desk or easel. Their work of art will surely deserve a special spot on the fridge or to be placed in a frame showcased for everyone to see.

Doodle Art EAsel Studio Art Desk in the park

We hope your little sweethearts make Mother’s Day magical!

My First “Unofficial” Mother’s Day

Written by Ashley

While I personally deem myself a mother already, even though my little peanut has not yet exited my womb, I didn’t expect others to acknowledge me as a mother until my baby girl arrives (yes, we recently found out it’s a girl and we are overjoyed!).

So I was brought to tears yesterday as my first “unofficial” Mother’s Day began. While in the back of my mind I had hoped my husband would recognize the “holiday,” I was not expecting the onslaught of Mother’s Day wishes that were headed my way.

Text messages from old friends, my cousins, my boss, coworkers, my husband’s guy friends (which I still cannot believe!), Facebook wall posts, and gifts from my husband and my mother. It felt like my birthday (if this is what Mother’s Day is like every year, I am pretty pumped!).

After having a rough night sleep on Saturday, between the baby having hiccups just about every 2 hours (I like to think it was her way of saying “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”) and a few bouts of leg spasms, my husband greeted me in the morning with my first “Happy Mother’s Day.”

As the day went on, we celebrated with our families and my mom gave me a beautiful figurine that reminded me of her mother, my grandmother, that will reside in the baby’s nursery.

While the physical gifts are great and very much appreciated, I look forward to the day where my baby girl will look into my eyes and call me “mom.” That will be the greatest gift of all.

Just a few more months until I meet my little princess and, to me, that will be my first real “Mother’s Day.”

About Ashley

Ashley is expecting her first child in early September 2012 with her high-school sweetheart turned husband 3 years ago. Together they have a lab named Peak whom they adopted during a ski trip in Denver. She loves all things fashion and cannot wait to start shopping for her little one’s wardrobe. She is the Social Media Manager at Step2 and you may have recently communicated with her if you’ve chatted with Step2 on Facebook or Twitter.