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3 Play Ideas for Cousin’s Day

cousins day

Happy National Cousins Day to all! This family holiday, celebrated each year on July 24, is a day to let all of your cousins knows how much they mean to you! Many of us grow up with our cousins and they end up becoming our lifelong friends. Are some of your little one’s playmates, their cousins? In honor of Cousins Day, we have three play ideas that little family members will love:

  • Have a tea party: Celebrate by inviting your toddler’s cousins over during snack time! Cousins can spend some time in the playroom pretending to throw a party and enjoy a make believe meal with their table and chairs set.

table and chairs set

  • Do a good deed: Encourage your little one to help their cousins to clean their playroom or bedroom. Kids can work together as a team to put their toys away into a storage chest. Afterwards, kids can draw up some masterpieces and give them to their cousins as presents!

toy storage chest

  • Create a secret cousins club: Toddlers can spend some time outside in one of their playhouses and make it a “cousins only” club for the day. Playmates can play house, have a secret meeting or eat a snack in their backyard hangout.

kid's clubhouse

How will you and your family celebrate Cousins Day?

Step2 Featured in 2013 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids

tru da
Step2 is proud to be a part of Toys R Us’s 2013 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. The products featured in the Guide demonstrate versatility and prove to be toys that children of all abilities can play with.

Six Step2 toys were chosen to be in this year’s Guide. The My Clubhouse, Fixin’ Fun Outdoor Grill, Stack ‘n Stay Hamburger, Creative Cooks Kitchen, Easy Turn Coupe, and All Around Wagon. Below, check out the Step2 products found in the Guide and the different skills they help children to develop.

my clubhouse fixin fun outdoor grill easy turn coupe creative cooks and stack n stay all around wagon
To view this year’s full guide, click here.

Step2 Featured in 2012 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids

Toy Guide

Over two decades ago Toys “R” Us introduced their Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids as a resource for parents of children with special needs. In 2012, Step2’s LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen and My Clubhouse were chosen for the Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. The toys that were selected for the Guide have been evaluated by the National Lekotek Center, a non-profit organization that believes children of all abilities should be able to play with toys. In the guide, there are symbols located near each toy displayed, which represent the skills that the product helps to develop in children.

toy guide
The LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen was chosen because it encourages social interactions between siblings and friends as they share play kitchen accessories and appliances. Also, it helps children who are working on standing, by repositioning themselves between the two counter heights.

The My Clubhouse was chosen because children can develop their motor skills by navigating through the space of the playhouse. Children can also develop their thinking and creative skills by the natural play setting My Clubhouse provides.

Thank you to Toys “R” US and the National Lekotek Center for including the LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen and My Clubhouse in this year’s guide. It has been an honor to be in theguidefor the last two years. Step2 strives to create toys that children of all abilities can play with and we will continue to do this because everyone plays!