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Thoughtful Thursday: Never Give Up

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This Thoughtful Thursday segment is honoring Jack Hoffman, a seven year old that was diagnosed with brain cancer at age five. As Jack went through his surgeries, Andy, Jack’s father, wanted to do something special for his son. Andy inquired about Rex Burkhead from the Nebraska Huskers meeting Jack. This was Jack’s favorite football team and player. Jack got to meet Rex before he had his second surgery.  During their time together, Rex received a special present from Jack, which was a red wristband that read “Pray for Jack.”  That wristband was inspiration for Rex and the Huskers, especially during their big game against Ohio State.

Almost a year and a half later, Jack was invited to play with the Huskers during the fourth quarter of a spring game. Jack wore the #22 jersey, which was Rex’s number. Jack ran sixty-nine yards downfield for a touchdown. Richard E. Grant, actor, screenwriter, and director once said “Never give up. You only get one life. Go for it.” This story proves that Jack is not giving up and he is inspiring the world around him to do the same. Thanks for providing all of us with hope, Jack!

Never Give Up!

According to Parents.com studies show that “individual achievement was more closely linked to drive, discipline, and dedication than to talent. Research suggests that perseverance, the ability to stick with tough tasks, may even trump innate ability in predicting how successful kids will be in life.” As a parent, grandparent, or relative of a child, you have probably found yourself more than once saying “You can do it!”, “Great job, keep going!”, “Do not give up!” These words of encouragement suggest that a child is doing a great job at whatever activity or skill they are participating in.



It always feels great to have someone cheering you on or supporting you, even in our adult lives, many of us may agree. Encouragement may even teach a child that giving up does not have to be an option. There is always a way to succeed as long as positivity is involved.
Having a variety of encouraging and supportive words can be helpful when building a child’s confidence. Here are 80 encouraging words to say to a child:

1. You’re on the right track now!
2. You’re doing a good job!
3. Now you’ve figured it out.
4. That’s RIGHT!!!
5. Now you have the hang of it!
6. That’s the way!
7. You’re doing fine.
8. Now you have it!
9. That’s coming along nicely.
10. That’s Great!
11. You did it that time!
12. GREAT!
16. How did you do that?
17. That’s better.
19. That’s a good (boy/girl).
20. That’s the best you’ve ever
21. Keep it up!
22. That’s really nice.
23. WOW!
24. Keep up the good work.
25. Much better!
26. Good for you!
27. Good thinking!
28. Exactly right!
29. SUPER!
30. Nice going.
31. You make it look easy.
32. Way to go!
33. You’re doing much better
34. I’ve never seen anyone do it
36. You’re getting better every
38. I knew you could do it
39. Keep working on it, you’re
getting better.
40. You’re doing beautifully

41. That’s the way to do it!
42. You’re the best!
43. Keep on trying!
44. Nothing can stop you now!
45. You’ve got it made.
46. You’re very good at that.
47. You certainly did well today.
48. I’ve very proud of you.
49. You’re learning fast.
50. You’ve just about got it.
51. That’s good!
52. I’m happy to see you working
like that.
53. That’s the right way to do it.
54. You’re really learning a lot.
55. That’s better than ever.
56. That’s quite an improvement.
57. Now you’ve figured it out.
59. FINE!
60. That’s IT!
61. You figured it out fast.
62. You remembered!
63. You’re really improving.
64. I think you’ve got it now.
65. Well, look at you go!
66. You’ve got it down pat.
67. Good work!
69. I like that.
70. Couldn’t have done it better
71. Now that’s what I call a fine
72. You did that very well.
75. That’s the best ever.
76. You haven’t missed a thing.
77. You’ve just about mastered
78. One more time and you’ll
have it.
79. You must have been
80. You should be very proud of

What encouraging words do you tell your child?

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