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Snow Fun with Step2

The winter season is in full effect. During snow days and weekends, kids may be looking for something fun to do. Making snowmen and snow angels can be a blast but why not try some new creative ways to play in the snow? If you and your children are feeling adventurous, use your Step2 toys outside during winter.*

Turn water play into winter play

Use a sand and water table while the snow is on the ground for a different way to play with a table that may only be used for the spring and summer time. Instead of filling up the play table with sand and water, fill up both parts of the table with snow. For added fun, pat down and smooth the snow on the table to create an ice rink for dolls and action figures. What if it does not snow where you live? Do not worry, we have an idea! You can fill up the sand and water table with ice cubes and still pretend it is a roller rink!

Winter Wonderland Playhouse:

Are some of your kids’ playhouses too big to be brought inside for the winter? Take the fun outside and play in them! Dust the snow off of them and suggest that the children pretend that they live in an arctic region. Have the children create snow decorations (like snowmen) around their little house and afterwards, go into their house and pretend to warm up with some hot chocolate. For those living in an area with no snow, cut out snowflakes from paper and tape them to the playhouse. Also, tear up more paper and throw it over and around the playhouse to act like it is snowing.Ask your child it imitate an Eskimo while in their playhouse. It is always fun to pretend!

Skyward Summit turns into Snowward Summit:

Do you have a Skyward Summit that lingers outside during the winter months because it is too big to bring inside? Step2 was inspired by Mama Loves Her Bargains’ review on the Skyward Summit. As you can see below, it is tons of fun to climb and hang out on the Skyward Summit during the winter.  Also, it can help children to stay active during the cold weather. Make sure to watch carefully over the kids during this activity because their boots may be being slippery while climbing on these products.

How are your children playing with Step2 toys during the winter?

*Disclaimer: The Step2 Company LLC does not promote or condone the use of our products in ways other than the original intent. This blog was solely written for the purpose to encourage creativity during the winter months. Refer to the instruction sheets for all Step2 products for the appropriate age, weight, and height limitations. Please do not use outdoor products when the temperate drops below 32°F (0°C). 




Snow Safety

Playing outside during the winter can be just as fun as playing outside during any other season (except in some places, it may be a lot colder with snow!). Keep children active during the winter months with these awesome safety tips from Findababysitter.org:

  • Use Sunscreen – It is not just the summer months that can damage children’s skin. The reflection of the sun off of the snow can be just as damaging as being out in the sun during the brightest summer day.
  • Waterproof Clothing is Key – Bundling children up to play in the snow is very important. Once the clothes are wet from the snow, it can make children cold even if they have many layers on. If their clothes are waterproof, they will not get as cold as fast and better yet, they will stay dry!
  • Know the Signs of Frostbite – Pay attention for signs of Frostbite! The skin may become white, flushed, yellow or blue and appear frozen, and will be cold to the touch.
  • Insist on Warm-Up Breaks –Kids may lose track of the time while they are building snowmen and rolling around making snow angels. Encourage warm-up breaks every so often, so that one can check for signs of hypothermia or frostbite.
  • Keep Ice Skating Safe – Ice skating is beautiful and very fun, however it can be very dangerous! Ice skating at public rinks is safer than ice skating at the neighborhood pond. No matter what, make sure that any ice your children are going to skate on is frozen solid, and they are wearing the appropriate attire.
  • Smart Sledding –Sledding can be an exhilarating experience for children. As fun as sledding can be, making sure that the places where kids are sledding, is not near a road or any types of rocks, or bumps is the safest way to sled.
  • Don’t Forget About Dehydration – Plenty of fluids is not only needed during the warmer months. Children can easily get dehydrated by running around in the colder temperatures. During their warm-up breaks make sure they rehydrate!
  • Scarf Safety –Opt for cowl-style scarves so that children do not get caught on branches, doors, or anything else that runs of the risk of a long scarf getting caught on.
  • Double-Check Equipment – Winter only comes once a year. During that year, equipment may become damaged or broken. Before the children begin to play outside, make sure the toys or equipment they want to use is not damaged or broken. This will help prevent injuries!

Playing during the winter can be safe fun that creates fond childhood memories! What tips or rules do you have when your children play in the snow?