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Times Change – And So Should We


by Maria Isabella

There comes a time when mother and daughter—or mother and daughter-in-law—will form an exciting new relationship. And that time begins at the precise moment a new grandchild is born. Suddenly, the “mom” becomes the “grandma”…and the “daughter” becomes the “mom.” Do you see where I’m going with this?

Truth of the matter is, roles change—and with that comes a whole new set of rules.

For me, it began when my middle daughter started having her babies (note: she now has three beautiful little creatures). It suddenly dawned on me that she had developed her very own way of doing things. For instance, she insisted the baby did not need an extra blanket. The baby could certainly go outdoors without a hat. And the baby had to sleep on its back. NO EXCEPTIONS.


We're Grandmas Too

My first grandchild…sleeping on his back

But back in my day (can you just hear me saying that?!), the baby always was kept extra warm. The baby always wore some type of head covering outside. And the baby always, always, always slept on its stomach. NO EXCEPTIONS.


My first child…sleeping on her tummy

I have to admit, though, today things are quite different indeed for new moms. First off, strict rules are pretty much out the window (i.e., let the baby “tell” you what it needs.) Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care (my generation’s beloved, trusty, go-to manual on parenting written by a world-renowned pediatrician) has been replaced by books with such titles as Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and Bringing Up Bébé. And everything, everything!, it seems, has to be organic—from baby’s sheets to baby’s shampoo. Sheesh.

My point is, times change. Accepted parenting practices change. And we “old folks” need to change with them. (Didn’t our own moms have different ways of raising us?) We shouldn’t be stubborn or confrontational. We shouldn’t take it personally as an affront to our own choices. And although we don’t have to necessarily think we’re suddenly hip, we do need to respect the new mom’s way of doing things.

The truth is, her way isn’t wrong. It just may be a little different than ours. But in the end, it’s all done with the greatest of all loves: a mother’s love. And how can you argue with that?

Nina and me

 Author and her first child on the day she was born in February 1979

 This post was written by Maria Isabella. Maria is a mother, grandmother, published author, and award-winning writer with over 30 years’ experience in the advertising, marketing, and publishing industries.

Welcome to the Club

Ashley was scheduled to post for our “We’re Moms Too” series today.  However, today is a special Mom Day Monday.  Ashley went into labor on Wednesday, August 8th.  Her water literally broke minutes before her surprise baby shower here at The Step2 Company.  Luckily, we had invited her husband up to participate in her shower.  He arrived moments after her water broke and had the baby shower been a minute later, she would have missed it!  She grabbed a piece of cake and then headed to the hospital.

I have no doubt that when Ashley returns she will have a fun story with more details to share with all of us.

We all become a Mother in our own way and we all have a story to tell.  Isn’t it funny how the birth of another baby reminds us of our own experience?  When Ashley left that day, it gave the rest of us around the office permission to recount our own special moments and share our own stories for the second, third or fourth time.  No matter how old our kids are, what ups and downs we have gone through with them, there is something so special about the experience leading up to the first time we hold them in our arms that no one can take away.  The memory lives fresh in our minds and is still sweet and vibrant.  Time stops.  Your heart swells.  Your purpose of life is so much different.

I believe holding our babies for the first time is our initiation into “the club”.  The moment you realize you could love someone more than you thought was imaginable.  I am so happy for Ashley and her husband.  I know she will be an amazing Mom.  She is one of us, the proud, the tired, the relentless, the make it happen at any expense, ready to take on the world for our children, she is a Mom.


About Tena

Tena and her best friend (and hubby) had their first child in July, 2011.  Their little guy has a congenital heart defect and he is one tough little cookie; don’t ever think about calling him sick though – “his plumbing is just different.” Tena is an animal loving vegetarian and is excited to teach her son about compassion and the importance of volunteer work.  She secretly hopes her son will be left handed like his momma. She is the Online Marketing Director for Step2.