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Every Dog Has Its Day

dogs playing with step2 products1

Normally, we see pictures and videos of children playing with Step2 toys. However, we recently came across two dogs using our buggies to push each other around and a climber to slide down and play dead. It looks like these dogs are having the time of their lives playing with our toys. These two talented Australian cattle dogs were even featured on the Late Show with David Letterman, pushing each other around in the Whisper Ride II. We are glad that not only children love our products but animals do too!*

Product featured in this video: Push Around Buggy

 Product featured in this video: Whisper Ride II

 Product featured in this video: Naturally Playful Woodland Climber


*Disclaimer: The Step2 Company LLC does not promote or condone the use of our products in ways other than the original intent.

Award Winning Toys

Here at Step2, we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality toys that will receive recognition based on their durability, creative play value, and fun designs. Over the years, many of our great products have received numerous awards. When choosing a toy for your little one, it is important to find out which toys have won different awards.


Some of the awards that you will find when searching through the quality products are:

Have you purchased any of the award winning toys from this list?