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Wordless Wednesday: Sun & Snow

Wordless Wednesday

Don’t get us wrong, we think the snow is beautiful, but we would much rather spend our time in the sunshine! :)

Wordless Wednesday

*Picture on the lower left hand side was taken from Mama Loves Her Bargains*

*Disclaimer: The Step2 Company LLC does not promote or condone the use of our products in ways other than the original intent. This blog was solely written for the purpose to show the change from winter to spring with Step2 toys. Please refer to the instruction sheets for all Step2 products for the appropriate age, weight, and height limitations*

Award Winning Toys

Here at Step2, we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality toys that will receive recognition based on their durability, creative play value, and fun designs. Over the years, many of our great products have received numerous awards. When choosing a toy for your little one, it is important to find out which toys have won different awards.


Some of the awards that you will find when searching through the quality products are:

Have you purchased any of the award winning toys from this list?